Team Wanted: BL2 New Game PS4

I’m starting BL2 on the PS4 and need a team. I will playing Maya, the Siren. You must have a mic and be laid back. No MLG 360 try hards please. I just want 3 people who love to joke and have fun. You can play the same character as me if you want. Would be kinda cool to see four Mayas walking side by side. But feel free to play however you want. I just don’t want people to come in and take everything so serious and get mad all the time. Thanks!

what are your usual play times? im always down to play with a team

Add Lord_Sylton. Im down for meeting new ppl.

psn jin45235

always looking to leveling up all my characters,

Hey im down to play whenever man, im normally on most days i just have class two days a week. anyways my psn: jiglypuffmcnasty
feel free to hit me up

My usual play times are 5-10 eastern time. My PSN is DevineLie. Thanks for replying!

Will do!

I’ll send you an invite.

Be happy to add me on ps4 my gamertag is craigmicheal

If you still want another person to play with I’ve been wanting to play with a group too you can add me @basuracaliente


Thank you everyone for responding. I just want to be clear and say I’m STARTING a BL2 game. So I’m only level eight. If anyone is expecting an end game run or second play through this is the wrong place. Anyways, I will send out friend invites when I get home and try to set up a group. I look forward to cleansing Pandora of evil with you all.