Teammates should not be able to hold you hostage by not standing on shard pads

I find it rather ridiculous that a teammate, either because they are called away and do not quit, are too new to know what to do, or, most often, are complete asses, can stop an entire team from advancing in an episode by not standing on a shard pad. These are the pads that typically act as marshaling locations for a team before some important event, like the fight with Geoff in The Algorithm.

I propose a simple fix: If one teammate has stood on a shard pad for at least one minute, regardless of what the rest of the team is doing, the next event is triggered. This means that at worst one player can slow you down for one minute. One minute is also long enough that it should not cause an issue where one teammate rushes ahead without waiting, as there are not many places where it is realistic to get such a large lead on your team and essentially abandon them. Also, I’d rather have that issue than be prevented entirely from advancing.


I’ve seen people troll by getting to a pad then going afk with something holding their movement down so they just run into a wall until the whole team quits.

Wow you guys have played with douchebags… ive never once had this problem. They should have a flag system for that


Even better: I saw people insisting to stand on a certain pad. We had a mission were Thorn tried to push OM from his pad for 2minutes before she finally sucked it up and took the free pad. Like children wanting the window seat. Just without windows, or seats…

I like your idea, but I´d say at least 50% of the group should stay on the pads for 20sec or less. If just one player has to activate them it will evolve into “one has to be the pad-bitch” issues…


+1 for sure
Ran into this issue a couple times, people get to the pad and stand right next to it but not actually on it then move around the pad obviously trolling, might be mistaken but I think one time it happened someone afk’d, and after a certain amount of time (seemed like forever) but I think the event triggered even without the person on their pad while everyone else was.

Why not just have the pads stay “activated” for a set time (10 seconds? 20?)

Long enough so that 1 or 2 AFK players don’t ruin everything, but short enough so that 1 or 2 trolls can’t advance the story before everyone’s ready.

Maybe have the time dependent on team size?

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I should clarify that if everyone stands on the pads like they are supposed to, it should work normally, within a second or two. The backup is what I suggested: if one or more teammates are being idiots, one player (presumably you, the sane one) can activate the whole set of shard pads by standing on one for one minute. The one minute activation in this case is so, ideally, your whole team activates it like normal, and only when that does not occur does this system kick in.

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Yep, it is rather frustrating. I cannot see my total missions played right now, since I am not logged in, but it is probably well over 100 and this has happened maybe five times. It does not happen particularly often, but often enough that it really should have some sort of system in place to prevent it.

It is very, very frustrating when you have spent 20+ minutes getting through most of the mission and one teammate stops all progress to the point where you just quit.

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It’s only happened once to me, with the guy circling around the pads for a while. He eventually got on top of them, and I have the feeling the reason he did that after such short time was that nobody was paying attention to him. Nobody tried to tell him what to do, mark the pad or anything. He didn’t get any reaction, and that’s what trolls want foremost: it’s the reason for their trolling.

Of course, it only happened once, so I’m not sure if shrugging and waiting a bit might help or not (and perhaps this is exactly what you did).

Mind you that if they were to implement some system like this, they would need to do a lot more than add a timer. Most team pads are required so that the game ensures that everyone is in the area so that they can’t do any funny business. Normally areas that require this have some mechanic that locks the team into the zone.

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Good point. Perhaps some sort of warping system? When the shard pad(s) are triggered, the whole team is warped to the shard pad area?

Realistically, it sucks this is even an issue, and that most systems to counter it introduce another issue. Kicking players is unrealistic as it could be abused for other reasons, so I think we are left with an alternate hack like this. That, or we just have to suck up the odd time someone refuses to advance and quit.

If you are left behind when the final boss fight in “The Archive” happens, you will be teleported to the Boss Area, so this system is already in place!

What about deactivating a pad for every X seconds someone is standing on one?

5 players, five pads. One guy is refusing while the other 4 are waiting.

after 10(?) seconds, the 5th pad goes dark and you only need 4 pads. That continues until the pads are all used or there is only one pad left.

This would also solve the occasional bug where pads are kept on when players leave.

The only time ive been slow getting to a shard pad has been if im grabbing some extra score or credit pick-ups, or health because i need it. However i can see this becoming a major issue for some people, so i agree with the fix solutions.

The part that really annoys me (for the opposite reason admittedly) is at the last gate in Voids Edge. We clear the Jennerit out of the area and just as the Varelsi portals start opening, someone decides to stand on the jump pad,not only doing sod all, but also marking the pads for all of the rest of us who are actually trying to clear out the zone. We are all 30 plus, we know what we are doing!!


That one’s the worst because if that person dies up there, tough ■■■■.

I only sit off the pad if someone spam pings it them I sit there and taunt till they knock it off.

I agree - this one is the worst. I’ve been on both sides of this problem. There is sort of two solutions - push ahead quickly so you can progress faster (there is a window in which you can send some of the party off the jumppad before the portals open) or take the whole party and defend Geoff and kill everything coming from the portals first. I like these options for strategy, but sometimes you get half the team waiting on the pads spamming to move forward while the other half is defending. Which solution should you go with - depends on the team. It doesn’t help that these pads work differently than most others they only activate the jumppad WHILE you’re standing on them. The moment one of you moves off the activation pads (ie - they think they can use the jumppad), the jumppad goes inactive again and you have to reactivate them again and call someone else over.

On the original post - I wonder if something could be implemented where “activity” is taken into account. If no players are taking damage, none are picking up pickups, there are no enemies around, etc for some time - then activate a backup timer like previously mentioned PLUS teleport the rest of the party into place on the pads and immediately activate the pads.

I was under the impression that the portals keep spawning as long as the crystal in the top area that you need to send someone up to is intact.
If this is the case, then waiting to send someone up would just make the game last longer for no good reason considering that the first 2-3 portals that appear only spawn the little guys and normally 1-2 characters can clear them out quite quickly (especially with the help of the buildable turret by the jump pad.)

Nah, the things stop spawning eventually. It gets pretty boring down there if the top guys take a while to clear the area.

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