Teammates should not be able to hold you hostage by not standing on shard pads

I see, thanks. I’m normally the one that goes up top so I don’t really notice. That along with the fact that when I’m normally down below the people that go up don’t take too long so I never realized that they stopped spawning at some point.

Wow, that’s dark, that’s really dark

My experience is the opposite, where my teammates will usually not launch someone up to open the gate and instead will run around destroying all the spawns for the three or four minutes it takes, then send someone up only when every enemy is destroyed. It is frustrating.

It does not take five players to protect Wolf. Heck, it probably only takes one after the initial large spawn, given there is a turret and Wolf protects himself, so it is vastly preferable to have someone working on the gate objective simultaneously rather than everyone waiting around at the end.

Exactly, I would prefer to send someone immediately after the jump pad can be activated, it helps keep the run going smoothly and you spend less time sitting around.