Teams consisting of lone players SHOULDN'T be matched against *parties of players!

I’m pretty sure the description speaks for itself and I don’t feel I need to elaborate.

What are other peoples thoughts?


What do you mean by “lone players”?

Players who aren’t in a party with anyone else.

But… Players not in a party are put on an team, so it’s a 5v5 match. Are you saying you want 1v1 matches? This wouldn’t work since BB is a team game.

He means a PARTY of 5 shouldn’t be matched against a party of people who did not queue in a group.


What @V0LUM3 said, I agree I think right now from what I heard is that with the game new they didn’t want to restrict things like that because they would slow down match making but as the player base grows they are increasing the match making rules.


Personally, I just think the distinction needs to be that partys should always be matched against the same number of parties…

AKA one party 5-man = matched with a one party 5-man
Or a two party (2 and 3 players) can be matched with a 2 party team (4 and 1)
A three party team (two teams of 2, one 1 man) can be matched with a three (one, 3 man and two 1 player parties)

Etc., Etc.,

It doesn’t seem that hard to me to just make the rule that they get matched against the same number of parties on the other side.


I am used to 4 and 5 minute queues in smite… my record in ranked was 11 minutes.

I see no problem in waiting more than a few seconds for a match that will actually yield a good game, rather than people being pub-stomped and constantly surrendering matches while having a bad time.

I think they’re comparing matching times to shooters, not MOBA’s, team balancing is much more important in a Moba, a full party isn’t going to run you over in COD, a full party of mediocre players will have a drastic advantage in a Moba.


I think that was probably a mistake. I don’t mind waiting 3 minutes for an even match. I do mind waiting 30 seconds for matchmaking to find me a 5 minute waste of time.


The problem is what about a 4 man team? Should they be set in their own cue? What about a 3 man team? Where is the line at that any grouped players should be set in its own cue? Then how would they get 1-4 players to fill out a 5 man team from, another different cue to join? Because solo players would love to join up with a 4 man team they dont know. Also does that 5 man team deserve to wait longer to start a match because they have to find another team to play against? Does this mean when ranked matches come out they will split that off into team ranked and solo ranked? I don’t think splitting your player basis by having several different cues to join in is a solution.

I have beaten 5 man teams playing in a rando team. I have been beaten by 5 man teams as well and that’s why their is a surrender button but i will always try to fight. No match making system is perfect and i know it can be very frustrating playing with random people but i do not see a easy solution to the problem.

I second this. If they have a big enough player base there needs to be two modes for pugs and squad play

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Yeah that’s a better way of saying it lol. I’m used to using squad lingo from Battlefield I guess.

I’ve been saying this since the beta. Jythri said on reddit that it’s something he wants fixed but not sure how fast it will be so who knows.

2 minimum for non groups id say is fair. I dont know if its the best solution but it is clearly advantageous then playing with randoms though i have also beaten 5 man groups with randoms on occasion too.
if the 5 man team got there own que theyd probably get matched instantly with how many people have there own 5 man teams tbh if anything itd make the normal que slower i think.

some randoms also need to use their mic tbh we were losing this one match against a team of 5 and someone on our team started talking rudely at first but he kind of told people where to go and stuff we went from 50-250 in capture and wound up winning 1000-400. I dont think its solely " TEAMS OF 5" i think its the lack of communication with randoms since no one uses mics really.

You might not mind it but the people who are already waiting 10-20 minutes for matches probably won’t appreciate that being extended to 40-60 minutes. It’s not a simple binary issue of “have premades matched against solos or not”.

Haha. I like to massively exaggerate about things too.

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There exist people outside of the US and EU who play Battleborn and have poor queue times. You don’t need to look any further than this forum to find them.

Oh. Well if Australians have long wait times that’s a perfectly reasonable argument for people that live in a completely different hemisphere to have terrible matchmaking. Gotta keep the five Australians that play this game happy. :wink:

Sorry but there’s no such thing as “US Battleborn version 1.01”, “EU Battleborn version 0.345”, “Australia Battleborn version 9.321”, so on and so forth. You make one game for every region. I’d imagine Gearbox values all of their customers equally.

Well, the matchmaking’s done server-side so it doesn’t really have anything to do with the client. Different regions do in fact have different servers which could be set differently to optimize for the player base. No reason a region with a hundred million people has to have the same settings as a region with 5-10 million.