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I’m having trouble with my AvG. I got the free version or whatever and it’s kept me moderately protected. Problems began about a month ago with it when it downloaded the AvG 2015. By the way, just saying, I hate all these ■■■■■■■ updates and everything. Well now, I’m trying to get the free service back so I don’t have to pay the 53$-84$ a year to have the “pro service” cause I know it’s exactly the same as what I had. And if anybody uses another fantastic free anti-virus, I wouldn’t mind changing as long as my computer doesn’t explode. It’s like brand new and I’m just really pissed off that ■■■■ like this is happening right now.

Whenever I click on the main panel it says, “Your trail has expired.” and instead of letting me say, Remind me Later or Okay it just says Buy now. For the record, I ■■■■■■■ hate this stuff but if any of you technowizards out there can help me, it would be much appreciated.

Can’t talk about antivirus software in detail myself since I decided to stop using those a few years ago after Avira ■■■■■■■ up my laptop. But for protection against malware I recommend Malwarebytes.

What I can say about AvG though, is that it isn’t the recommend antivirus program since it unnescecarely clogs up processing power and such.

Anyway, after searching around, I would say look up Avast. I vaguely remember using it in the past and one of the few that didn’t screw around with the hardware and software.


I’ll give Avast a shot then because this is getting stupid. Thanks Oz.

One thing to note about Avast, only thing you need to do after a month is registering. Things that need to be payed for are optional extra’s but the basic program should give the protection you need.

Glad to be of help.

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I’ve had no issues with ZoneAlarm and they offer a pretty robust free version.

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I’ll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.

Unless your actively searching out things known to be riddled with viruses and such, malwarebytes or avast is plenty. i recommend getting the malwarebytes pro month trial, to do a good cleaning, and when it expires back to basic it’ll just keep doing upkeep.

+1 on Avast, just don’t let them sell you any of the extra features they try to push. Forget a firewall, just use the one built into windows and you should be fine.

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also, get CCleaner. Unless you know what you’re doing, stick with the default settings.

I have some mild idea what I’m doing. Did take a few IT courses back in the day. It’s just annoying when things don’t work properly.

It seems like Avast is the anti-virus to go too nowadays. Thanks ya’ll.

Avast, been using for a long time and is quite good. You can put anything on the registration and will be working properly.

I’ve been using avast since 2007. No complaints here with them, and I use the free version. I would go with them like everyone else is saying.

Avast is only Antivirus right? ZoneAlarm is AV and two-way firewall.

But it’s free. No annoying trial periods.

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like winrar :smiley:

Like a lot of people here have said, MalwareBytes is pretty good, and I’d recommend getting the free download, just for the scanner. That’s all I’ve ever really need on my PC, but I’m better with Windows than most people seem to be. Don’t really know much about Avast, though. What’s it like?

Malwarebytes is good, but with the last update became quite shi*ty, in my opinion.
And WinRAR is a very special case, never heard of someone who bought the license ahahaha.

Probably I’ll be switching to Linux when I buy the new computer.

I’ve seen evidence of people paying for winrar. crazy.

Is good, does the job that an AV has to do.

Pretty much being rated as the best free AV software for years now.