Tech question: help an old timer out

So I need to hook my PlayStation up to my computer monitor but the monitor doesn’t have HDMI inputs.

Could I use something like one of: PS_Messages_20191106_143001

this and just run my audio through the dualshock via headphones?

Also, will I have any caps on resolution or graphical issues of note?

Thanks folks!

Or this:

That should work, provided your monitor uses a dvi cable.

One appears an adapter, the other appears hdmi to dvi.

Audio bypass using the controller should work, but also usb headphones or wireless headphones with a usb dongle will do the trick.

There shouldnt be any output caps as likely your monitor can support greater res than the ps4 can output.

What might not work is the ps4 auto detecting output, so might need to set that manually.

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