Tech Support - No News, No Patches, No Response from GearBox - Xbox One X Patch


  • Is the patch being worked on? (Officially)

  • When is it expected to be Released?

  • If it does not get patched can I have a refund on my pre-ordered super deluxe edition of the game?

For those that are new here, I am referring to the issue where this and only this game causes the Xbox One X console to crash and restart with an overheating error.

  • Even though the console is not hot
  • Even though the console is well ventilated
  • Even while playing on performance mode
  • Even while playing with visuals set at 1080p on the console itself
  • Even while playing solo without trying to join another player’s game.

The point is, this game has been broken since launch (September 13th) for Xbox players and it needs to be addressed and fixed. There is no excuse for this.


New patch yesterday. Still nothing. Not a peep in nearly 4 weeks from anyone, including game sites.

Absolutely fed up with this. It’s ruining my game.


Newest: I have made a reddit post about this issue. Please share across social media and get the word out so we can get this addressed. Reddit link


Looks like there is a good discussion going on on Reddit. Care to share here if anything of value turns up???

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Check reddit yourself man.

@KulasDevorn Chill dude. I only asked so that this post on Gear Box’s official support forum would keep being bumped to the top. Thus being front and center for everyone to see.

Nothing I said was not “chill”.

There is a large post that needs to be kept at the top with hundreds of replies. Not this one with only 3 replies. Understand? Post there, not here.


Please use the existing threads on this topic, thanks.