Tech Unraveled!

Background Story

Alright, so two weeks back before the Choctaw tourney I was playing a couple matches with @RedX and he was playing Phoebe… I guess I had the intent of helping other Phoebe mains so I’ve decided to share a neat technique. I’ve known about this ever since July and I haven’t told any soul until recently. You know how I am, I like to keep things to myself, but I’m putting my selfish needs aside…

I’d like to brag that I would be the first person to discover this since there is a small amount of Phoebe mains and there is no documentation of it what so ever, BUT if someone else has done it knowingly, then oh well. OK, this move doesn’t have a name but Redx jokingly would refer to it as “The Haven strike”, so call it what you want.


The strike is a lunge before the final hit of true strike that propels you forward, backward, and side to side(any angle, really).

Benefits: Allows for safety and chasing.

^( I didn’t know how to mute the dude’s voice, so bare with me).


So, this move is relatively simple, but can get complicated at times.For beginners, It is preferred that you hold both the primary attack and true strike actions at the same time, but it CAN be done individually(which is easier, in my opinion.) Just practice with the first method then move on to the easier method, but hey, i’m not here to tell you what to do.

     1. Start by initiating with the primary combo.
     2. After the 4th strike in the primary combo, JUMP.
     3. Congratulations, you now know how to Haven Strike.
    For the easier method,
    1. Start by initiating with the primary combo.
    2. As soon at the 4th strike in the primary combo ends, IMMEDIATELY
    use true strike, THEN jump IMMEDIATELY after.
    3. Congratulations, you now know the easier method.

Note: Jump as soon as she pulls out her rapier to do true strike.


The time interval you jump has to be PRECISE. Failure to do so will result in a HOP or a decreased distance in the lunge.

^ In this video, you see that you hop and go backwards. Also, the distance is reduced.

^For this video, Phoebe stays in a stationary position.

^ This is an excellent example. You can clearly see the decay in distance.

As a disclaimer, @RedX has tested The Haven Strike on PC and stated that it is more console friendly. I solely believe that it has to do with the time interval between the jump and true strike, but ya know, disclaimer.

Here are two things you probably missed while playing Phoebe.

  1. If you take the right helix option(Phase Stability) at level 8 and you have taken the left helix (Aggressive Advance) at level 1, then you get a 30% movement speed for NINE(9) seconds.

  2. If you take the right helix option(Phase Stability) at level 8 and you have taken the right helix(Phase Distortion) at level 2 then the field bubble lasts TWELVE(12) seconds, which I personally think is futile because not one living player will just stay in that field like a punching bag. Or you could use it to be annoying like marquis’s bubble. I also do not recommend that.

Edit you can do this with just the first hit but the rules still apply.


Very interesting, I’ve never seen this before! Think I might have to go try it out!

Also that was a nice save on that last video :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a really great tech and Shadow showcases exactly way. Especially how phoebe was able to attack bolder and then just fling her self backwards to safety.

I practiced it on pc using controller and KB & M and practiced it on Console (PS4) and I was able to pull if off 99.9% of the time but on PC I had a harder time for some reason. Any of you guys that really want to get crazy good with phoebe I strongly suggest you pick this up,especially if you are on console because it comes in clutch. A really good find by @ShadowHaven


Indeed very handy. Did you know that when you approach a ledge when you true strike with the right timing it gives you a massive speed boost while falling down?


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Good to see a consistent reproducible method for this. I’ve been able to execute this tech occasionally in the past, but didn’t know what specifically needed to be done to make it consistent (buffering after a primary combo). Good work!

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I didnt know anything about this magic step

I learned a new technique. It takes timing, but it is really useful. Thanks

Omg I feel so stupid. I can’t do it. What am I doing wrong? In your video it looks so easy. I managed to trigger it a couple times but couldn’t do it anywhere near consistent. After several minutes of trying, I came back here and read the instructions again and have not been able to get it to trigger since. I think I’m actually getting worse. Which is really saying something considering at best I could only get it more or less at random.

Lol it takes timing and a bit of practice! Hit, true strike, jump. And the jump has to be as soon as you true strike, practically.