Technical Advice on Glitch RTH30 Chapter 16

In the final section of the mission in front the warehouse, there’s a small elevated bit of concrete that I cannot walk over. Though it’s raised only a couple inches above the ground, it must be jumped over in order to enter the warehouse. Unfortunately, while my squad can seem to walk over it, the Platoon Sgt. Mac gets stuck and cannot proceed to his scripted location to end the mission.

Anyone else familiar with this issue and can provide a solution?

As you only have to meet up with Mac to end the mission, is there anyway to load Chapter 17 without completing Chapter 16 because of this glitch ?

I should add that I have re-loaded the checkpoint numerous times and the started the chapter a similar number of times.

The bug is still there.

I’m playing the Steam version by the way.

Never heard of this bug before.
Do you play the game on xbox\ps2 or pc?
If you play it on PC, try to patch the game to the latest version (1.11)

Anyway, about completing the game without playing a chapter, well…there’s the “BAKERDOZEN”'s way

Thank you for your reply. I’m playing the game on PC.

I managed to complete the mission last night by running into SGT Mac as he was approaching the point where he is stuck. By doing that it forced him to move away from that “glitch point” and into the factory.
I had to do the “running into” business quite a few times before it was successful.