Technical Issue: Game closes on Mission-Start

I don’t know why, but the game keeps closing, if i enter a mission… No logs or errormessage…

This looks like what happens to me. After I select a character (Private solo mode) I get a message that the game is starting, but, it crashes to desktop.
I’ve tried several times, restarted Steam and the computer, no luck. I’m running Windows 10

I have had the same problem. Haven’t successfully loaded into a game yet.

Same problem here. Sometimes it will work fine, but most times it crashes somewhere between char select and the mission start. No error message either. Once I re-open the game and get back into the mission everything works fine. Last time it crashed, my game switched from full screen to windowed and a friend told me it might be the full screen that’s bugged, so I left it in windowed mode. Haven’t had any problems since, but I’ve been mostly playing PvP matches, so not sure if it’s related to full screen or missions.

I never experienced this during the CTT.

Was able to load one time, and it lagged so much it was unplayable. i7 processor and nvidia graphics card

Eventually, I was able to play on Steam.
However, the lag was horrible even after reducing the graphics demand.
I don’t know if it’s a Steam issue with Windows 10 or a Battleborn issue.

I have seen this problem with other Steam games and have not been buying games on Steam since Windows 10.

Fortunately, I was also able to play on an Xbox one, on the same internet connection, and the game ran smoothly.