Technical Monster Wheels

Has anyone gotten them yet? Or are they still bugged. I know this isn’t game breaking, but literally I want those wheels so bad. Sucks I can’t find them or figure out how to unlock them. If anyone knows let me know!

They’re bugged.


Ah dang. I figured as much but hey. Maybe if I try every 3 months I’ll get them before PS5 comes out lol

Was this fixed ? Or still bugged?

They are bugged a lot of people on all platforms have reported it hopefully gets fixed soon if you could make a support ticket the more people who report the more chance of a fix

I just noticed when you go down stairs to the “garage” on the left hand side between Earl’s hallway and the stairs, the monster wheels are leaning against the wall. I guess we have them, but they just don’t show up in the vehicle menu… I took screenshot of the tire and reported the bug to gearbox and just said that they said they know about it.

From what I have guessed the wheels actually should be a reward from the ‘Angels and Speed Demons’ mission. I came to this conclusion as Vaughns technical appears to be the only one with the wheels. But as has been stated, they just don’t show up in the rewards, or on the vehicle menu for some reason.