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Down & Dirty: What are the reload time and fire rate for Benedict?

I’m wanting to theorycraft some builds, and sadly that info is missing from Lowlines’ site. But in order to properly calculate MAX DPS, one simply must know this stuff. I figure it’s like this:

(damage_per_rocket) / (fire_time + reload_time_per_rocket)

And then, of course, one could consider gear for attack speed, attack damage, and reload speed, and decide what’s the best on-paper combination for max DPS on ol’ Benny.

Anyhow, uh, thanks. And stuff…

You went to the trouble of creating a formula to answer your own question.

Why not… you know just go and do the dirty work yourself, and post your results?

Showing an initiative (even if your numbers are off) would rally others to show up and perhaps put in some effort towards these statistics themselves (over just "hey I want the best meta build possible, but don’t want to put the work in, you guys do it for me, k? cool)

Just a thought,

Cheers and good luck being the best Benedict that I hope to never see.


Yeah, was just hoping someone else already did it. Might have to get my hands dirty. :frowning:

…Maybe @lowlines can get additional data for you.

@wisecarver @TheRAbbi I actually have the data but it is tied to his rocket launcher not Benedict himself (ie if you were to give the Rocket Launcher to another character, it would work the same) and I have not yet converted it into something I can use on my website.


Interesting that it works that way, since we can’t move weapons between characters or swap them out like in BL1/2/TPS. You’d think it would be kept simpler (or IS that a simple thing?) and just made an attribute of the character. Fewer objects to deal with having attributes/variables (kinda assuming we’re working on this from an object-oriented perspective).

So, just wondering: DOES the game treat reload speed as a SPEED or as a TIME? I’m assuming the latter, but we all know where assumptions land you. Same question for fire rate- is it a speed (which is properly just the magnitude of the rate of change of position/whatever as a function of time) or a time?

You got to remember that the Battleborn engine is based on Borderlands 2 engine. Not only that, but both players and NPCs that can wield weapons use the same system for managing their inventory. I mean why would you write a completely different system for playable and non-playable characters? That’s 2 systems for what you could do with one!

I think that question isn’t actually a question because both are a form of time and you only use one or the other depending on how you are representing the value.

"My reload speed is 2 rockets per second" as opposed to “it takes 0.5 seconds to reload 2 rockets”. The actual values would be the same, that’s just changing how you display it on the front end.

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Oh come on now. To make something FASTER, you increase speed. You can do that by reducing time, or by increasing the whatever you’re measuring as a function of time. So, if the game tracks reload speed as time ti execute, then reload speed increase is achieved by reducing that number. If it tracks reload speed as a rate of execution, then its increase is just an increase in the rate.

f(t) = r / t

Increase r, or reduce t, to increase f(t). What I’m after is, which is this thing doing behind the scenes? Because it DOES matter.

Hmm well i believe the raw value is called “ReloadTime” and is a floating point number in seconds.

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AWESOME. That’s good to know!

To add to this, it’s better to picture time based stats as events rather than anything with precise measurement since they actually control the speed of animations (ie attack speed doesn’t increase the number of attacks or bullets you fire, it increases the speed in which the firing animation plays back at). ReloadTime also has a secondary stat called “reloadCompletePercent” which is the minimum percentage the animation must play before you can cancel it by hitting the fire button.

So like for Benedict, his base reloadTime is 0.6 and he can start firing 80% into the reload animation (at least going my the data, as I recall there being some changes made to his rocket launcher a while back).

Base values aren’t necessarily the actual stat as there’s typically a formula that sits in front of this that incorporates other things such as current level or whether certain helix choices that affect it have been set.


See, THIS is what I’m after! Do I recall correctly, then, that his reload cancel % used to be MUCH lower back when we could ‘weave’ reloads to get a fairly high uninterrupted fire rate?

Anyhow, if I’m after a max primary attack DPS potential, then that’s the sort of thing I’d like to know about. Now, show me why I’m wrong (and I suspect that I am). I recall from a couple/few years ago, that a reduction (say, reload time) would go into the denominator. So if I had a 13% multiplicative reduction in reload time, even if it’s called a reload speed increase, it’d take the time (t) and divide by 1* 1.13, which would mean actually about a 6.5% net increase in speed or reduction in time. At least, that’s how I remember some things applying in BL2. So a 100% increase (reduction) in some cases really worked out to only 50%. That for things that we naturally don’t want falling off potentially to zero.

Big point: If I take a reload speed gear that gives +21% to reload speed, WILL the net reload time be reduced by 21% (be its previous value times 0.79) or only by 10.5%?

Einstein is rolling in his grave right now.

i would love to see it have its own BL-esque card (or at least have the same attributes)

for OM it would have damage, accuracy, reload speed, fire rate, clip size, for ghalt it would have damage per pellet x # of pellets, eventually consume 2 ammo/shot once his helix is taken, things like that!

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