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Right when the game released yesterday, I did an almost-immediate lookup for the game’s INI file. The engine ini file is located in the following: Documents\my games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor with the file name being GameUserSettings.ini

You can change pretty much everything at the engine level in this INI. But for right now I’m gonna focus on a couple of main things:

Can’t load into the game? Search the INI for PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX12 and change it to DX11 (case sensitivity is important here), save and relaunch!

Want to launch BL3 on your Primary Monitor? Again, search the INI for bPrimaryIsPreferredMonitor=. If it shows False, change it to True, S&R.

You can also set your screen height and width by default through two lines: ResolutionSizeX= and ResolutionSizeY= Change these to your monitor’s settings, S&R.

Editing an Ini file, if done wrong; can and WILL break your game. Make sure to backup this file before you begin editing.

edit 09/14/2019 - some users are reporting the frame rate issues are resolved by entering -HIGH -USEALLAVAILABLECORES into the command line argument for BL3. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I can be found on the Borderlands Discord if you need any help, my tag is MikeOHara#9086. I can also be reached on most social media platforms @michaelpohara

Have fun, and enjoy BL3 and LOOT LOOT LOOT

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My 2 cents, do the below if you haven’t - Its true in all games so should already been done…

  1. In windows, enable High performance power scheme (will help with stutter/micro-stutter)
  2. Enable vsync in the drivers and disable it in game (if you want to play with vsync that is, some like tearing :smile:)
  3. If Nvidia enable Adaptive power mode (optimal can cause micro-stutters) and i’m sure Amd have the same power saving features thats dementrive to gaming.
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I’ve got some issues with my copy of Borderlands 3 on PC.
Oftentimes, my cursor in the Skill Trees gets stuck on the 1st Augment on the right and barely budges, only to return on the Augment, no matter which Skill Tree it is.
I also don’t have access to my items in the Mail.

updated topic with a possible fix for framerate issues.

Hi guys im having trouble with this file

I make the relevant changed to my resolution and have even put res scale to 90%. Saved file and set it to READ only but the game still resets the file back to its original state

Please help

Hey, i just got the game on steam and I cant load past the dancing claptrap. When i check my config folder, it only contains a folder called ‘windows’. Inside is just a file called engine. Pls Help!

The dancing Claptrap can take a while to progress past. Try booting the game and leaving it for a bit. The first load is generally the worst on that screen.

It will load then stop, and ill get a message that the game has crashed. This happens everytime no matter what i do. If i change dx11 to dx12, there will be an optimizing shaders loading bar with the claptrap that loads indefinately.