Technical test. Where to play?

I got the email that said I can play the technical test. But have no idea how to download game or what days it is available. The email was pretty much just saying don’t tell the public about the game and only talk to the devs about stuff…

I think that the servers are overlaoded, got a few issues but no download link or anything : /

same here no download link anywhere

Read the page carefully that you ended up on after you signed the NDA. It gives you an idea of what will happen. I’m not being more specific because we just signed an NDA.

I don’t think that you can download a tech test of it yet. I think that the email that we got was just the next step. we’re probably receive something in email later down the line about the test. I’m sure that it will take a bit of time so that they can figure out how many codes that they need to generate and for each system. I’m excited about it just like you are but I think we are going to have to wait a bit longer before we can participate.

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Yeah – Tech Test hasn’t started yet.

Latest email went out to people who have RSVP’d that are not yet under NDA.

That way, once people start to get accepted and the tests begin, they can hop right in instead of dealing with legal mumbo jumbo.


You signed the NDA for US to talk to each other. We are allowed to discuss anything in these forums as per the NDA…just saying.

Awesome thank you so much for the reply. I just got out of the Rainbow Six beta and had 0 developer responses -_-.

This is pretty close. Battleborn Closed Technical Test discussions will only be permitted on the private categories. You’ll receive access to the forums when you are accepted into the tests. :slight_smile:

I’m going under the assumption that once the test starts there will be a private part of the forum to discuss it on. This part of the forum is public to the entire internet.

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Oh ok. Didn’t know that we weren’t in private forums already. Thought it was an automatic link. :smiley:

Welp. All my questions were answered. Kudos kind sirs.

I signed my NDA, let’s do this! haha

Respect, Mr Combee.

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Yuppity. That’s my guess too.

Wish we knew when we could start playing! Going on vacation the end of this month and next month… hope it’s in between the 2 or after and for Xbone. Thanks for the answer on the NDA Admin.


yeah all my questions are anwserd as well. XD

can’t await the next infos on the tech test. Let’s hope we can get started soon * fingers crossed * :smile:

So, just to be clear, receiving the NDA means that you will be taking part in the closed technical test? (Assuming you agreed to the nda)

No its already been said that accepting the NDA DOES NOT Mean you are guaranteed to get into the Tech Test.