Technical test. Where to play?

Technically it’s not a promise. But that’s what it will probably mean in the end.
It’s like you can buy a house, but it doesn’t mean you have to live in it. But you probably will.

They updated the website so when you Sign up for the Closed Tech Test you have to sign an NDA, They emailed out to the people who had signed up before the update to make sure they sign the NDA - this does not mean you will defiantly get an invite to the Tech Test

Yes. That’s exactly what i was trying to visualize here. Very friendly to summarize it again for me. And in nice bold letters as well, in case i need glasses to read properly. Very thoughtful of you :relaxed:

Well some people don’t understand metaphors. :smiley: Although the buying a house and not living in it did make me laugh.

There, to intend a possibility with high chances of a directly concluding event, but no guaranteed certainty.
It gives off the vibe of Santa Clause: Everyone knows what’s happening, but when the gifts arrive it’s still a big surprise.

I know right i have never understood the whole Santa is coming tonight so go to sleep then the kids going down stairs and being surprised that there are gifts… Mind Boggling.

Its like going for a blood test and being surprised that they stab you with a needle…

I just wanna play. :blush: It makes you happy seeing a sign up for NDA then it’s sad because you have to wait lol.

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Thank you. You’ve been a great help(no seriously).

Nda said you are to discuss only in gearbox forums.

From the e-mail: Don’t record, stream or talk about the closed technical test other than on the official Battleborn Closed Technical Test forum.

The forum we are talking in right now is public.

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That is RIght, my bad. figured if you have access to here, it counts, but leagally yeah ur right. i wasnt thinkg or spelling right…o.0 too excited. it may be here somewhere, but you or anyone know where private forum is? i just signed my nda, guessing i need to wait, but if others can discuss in private, can talk about things like grouping up, characters, game play video footage on you tube, etc.

No worries! I’m trying to be helpful and point out some of the fine print so none of us get excluded from the test. We are all excited so we tend not to read the e-mail too carefully. I’m pretty sure Gearbox won’t be enforcing the NDA until the test starts, but it never hurts to be careful and get used to doing things correctly.

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@firebayne89 The private section of the forum will probably go live with the game. My guess, fwiw.

I also guess that we can still discuss the game here- talk about forming groups, speculate etc- as usual, until the beta goes live.

And just to confirm what @TigerShard said: No footage of the beta is allowed on YouTube. The NDA clearly prohibits that.

Do we happen to know when the techincal test will start?

The thought of being in Bettleborn beta has me all excited!! Very much looking forward to this game.

Yes, the NDA says we cannot publically discuss, which would include the public Gearbox forums. An added benefit for Gearbox is that this will leave a concise subset of their forums in which they (and we) can quickly find and weed out problems with bugs, balancing, setup and all that stuff.

No eta as of yet.

So. everyone keeps talking about things that have been mentioned. A developer said in this post that there will be a private forums when the game releases. As of right now just talking about the game and what we wish for and what not is ok, because we are not playing the technical test so there is no info that we have that is a breach of contract. Just an FYI…

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