Tediore Company Man Can Work

I was about to give up on an all Tediore allegiance Build using the Company Man…

For chucks you simply must have a Cutpurse or you run out of ammo WAAAAY too soon and Tediore…as shooting weapons…seemed, well, BLAH.

Then I remembered the Anarchy shotgun and….

Oh my…perfect fit for a hybrid Gun Tediore/Chucking Tediore Iron Cub build.

The trick is….use the Anarchy shotgun for true “shotgun shooting”

And the Pistols and SMGs for chucking

And Ammo no longer becomes an issue and the Company Man just shines.

My Tediore Company Man has dual Magazine perks, Grenade damage, Tediore Gun Damage and Reload speed….

Perfect for both shooting and chucks and if I base the major part of my play on “shotgun shooting” and use the other weapons for supplements with chucking…it works quite well.

Super Soldier supplies an endless source of shotgun ammo. Homing Baby Maker hits very hard but is horrible ammo wise and a couple different homing Keenfires uses the SMG ammo pool.

Flare, CMTs, And Iron Cub uses Corrosive Rail Guns but I can easily switch to Shock if needed.

Works quite well!


Have you tried the dark army?


The Dark Army is amazing and would be good with a Company Man. The Dark Army actually does decent chuck damage as well.

You have to get the “++” prefix or else don’t bother with the Dark Army, IMO. Good luck finding one too, unfortunately. I have only ever found one “++” prefix. That prefix basically doubles the base damage, as I recall.


No….have not tried a Dark Army.

I have some and will give them a try.


@cailte @tysonyar What is the best anoint for a Dark Army?

would consecutive hits stack the gun damage from the drone hits so that the chuck would be more powerful?


Stick with 300/90?

Given the Amount of rounds fired, probably consecutive hits.

There’s a good chance that the drones would drop the target below 90% health before you got a chuck off.

@johnrr6 I run CH on all my Moze gear except the occasional launcher or sniper with a 300/90. I always have felt like it performs best on most things with Moze, damage is not high enough to one-shot with a Dark Army chuck anyway, I don’t think. It’s more of a shootin’ Tediore.

Situationally, the 200 splash version might outperform on the Dark Army (as in when the anoint is active), but I still think CH would be best, especially considering that you have 4 different guns shooting (Moze plus drone guns).

@cailte I am not sure I have ever even used the Dark Army on Moze - do the drones get Skag Den? I would assume no, but I am curious.

Nah the drones aren’t splash, but they do get the elemental type on reload so pair nicely with an old god. They also like getting doubled by the Wish shield.

They’d proc skag den on short fuse.

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@cailte The Infernal Wish just makes everything better in general. It’s hard to argue with double the damage and/or in some cases also double the special effect.

The Infernal Wish is such an interesting shield. It makes me wonder if the devs realized how much they were propping up all the underpowered weapons in BL3 with it.

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@johnrr6 BTW I recall us discussing in another thread whether there was any way for Moze to mitigate the negative effects of the Infernal Wish. I mentioned the booster passive as one way. I have also tried Phalanx Doctrine, anywhere from 1 point to 5 points in that skill.

But in several MTD and GTD runs yesterday, I ran the Infernal Wish without shield boosters and without Phalanx Doctrine also, and didn’t go down even once to the self-combustion effect of the IW. I didn’t even have any shield skills spec’ed in the red/orange tree.

TL;DR - I think you can, in most cases, excepting perhaps some weapons with the very highest of fire rates, safely ignore the self-combustion effects of the IW.

That’s different from my experiences with that shield. Yesterday I was using a 2x turtle with Sawbar. Shield capacity was around 101k equipped. In Sanctuary was firing 1 shot at a time until I combusted and the burn damage took me from 101k to 39k in just a few seconds. If shield broke while I was on fire 1 tick would burn my entire hp and put me into FFYL instantly.

I ended up using Moxxis bouncing pair to restore shields and that worked really well as Long as there were shielded enemies around.


@ucfmatt If you’re using Guardian Rank perks, I believe that Shield Reboot mostly mitigates this effect. So if you’re killing, as opposed to working with the test dummy, the effect seems to be lessened significantly.

If you’re not using GR or not killing with consistency, yes I do agree with what you have said - the IW can kill you in those circumstances. But in actual gameplay with a dense mobbing map and Shield Reboot enabled, I did not find the shield’s negative effects to be a consideration.

I tried a build that maxed out Phalanx Doctrine and other shield skills in the red/orange tree, and didn’t find that I was getting significantly better results with the IW with that spec. You lose out on damage that way too. Moze has a lot of underlying healing and that mitigates the self-combustion effects to the health bar. EDIT: For grammar, to remove all the "as well"s in the last 2 sentences LOL.

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Good point. One of those times when testing in the field is better than in the lab.

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@ucfmatt I forgot to mention that I have a version anointed with 75% shields after Iron Bear, and I believe that could make a difference to my results also, at least in mobbing. When the shield capacity is constantly being adjusted by that anointment, it also seems to help mitigate the shield’s negative effects.

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