Tediore Customer Service

The cheapest, yet most dangerous corporate soldier service in the galaxy! Drawing upon the Tediore skins for the Vault Hunters in BL2, I have deduced that Tediore is more than just cheap guns for the normies! They are potentially the most dangerous corporation in the six galaxies for what they lack in proficiency, precision, and accuracy they make up for in vast numbers of friendly guntoting mercenaries and the element of surprise. Also they have utilized the power of the box! No one expects the box! :gift: :boom: Seriously though I am hoping that BL3 will let us fight for any of the major corporations and get paid. Maybe a DLC? Oh well, tell me what you guys and gals think.


Hm. I don’t picture Tediore having a meme overlord as a CEO or advertiser. “normies”
since when does that sound good

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I meant the masses, Cyberbaron. Tis a joke. lol