Tediore/Fastball build questions

Actually, it would be a difference from 4/5 to 3/5, but if the difference is so small, you might have a point. I’ll be wearing a Bone of the Ancients all the time and that will give me a considerable boost to the cooldown rate anyway.

I didn’t know about the Quick Charge trick. I need to practice to get the hang of it.

Concerning the third tier of Guerrilla, I had 5/5 in Able in the previous version of this build, but as far as survival goes, I think I like Grit better. Either way, if I were to choose a capstone, I would probably stick with Double Up at first, just for the extra slag (even if it isn’t much). Which one do you think would be more useful in the long run? Double Up or Gemini?

EDIT: Wait. I went back into the skill calculator and I actually can’t get Gemini on this build even if I take a point away from Resourceful. There aren’t enough points in that tree to unlock it. Double Up is the only capstone I can get without removing points from more important skills, but then I’d have to abandon Grit and I’d be back with the previous version of the build. Still, do you think it’s worth giving up Grit for Double Up? I didn’t want to do that, since this playstyle leaves me pretty exposed most of the time and Double Up turned out to be not as useful as I hoped after my first round of testing.

Well, the focus of this build is mostly on the Fastballs, that’s why I went with a Grenadier COM. I chose the Baby Makers just to try combining a regular Fastball build with a Tediore allegiance, to keep with the “throwing things that explode” theme. The Fastballs are the main weapon, the Baby Makers are just backup. I know how powerful Plasma Casters are, but I prefer Baby Makers for chucking. I also have Tediore shotguns in my backpack in case I run out of SMG ammo, so I might as well throw a Gunerang in there just in case.

Thanks to the both of you as well!

I’d take Grit over DU. DU’s best for 1.) speed-slagging trash mobs and 2.) keeping raid bosses slagged. You mentioned that you already deal enough damage not to need slag for mobbing, so unless you plan on raiding a lot with this build you’re probably better off staying with Grit here.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I have no plans on using this build for raiding and I had no problem killing unslagged trash mobs with it, at least at OP0. I just need to try killing some regular non-raid bosses before ruling out Double Up completely. I’m planning on doing Hero’s Pass + Warrior, Thousand Cuts + Bunker, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve + Son of Mothrakk and Southern Shelf + Boom & Bewm + Captain Flynt to really test this build. I feel Saturn could be a problem, so I might try killing him as well. Dukino’s Mom too. I’m gonna try doing all that using only a Slagga for occasional slagging and after I finish I think I’ll have a better grasp on this thing to finally decide if I’m gonna stay with Grit or return to Double Up. And then the build will be finished.