Tediore quick shields

I have a single point in bitter riposte, and after seeing how good it was I went out of my way to one of these shields. I feel sort of Op at times given I have the ability to hide from damage. i can’t wait to see how this works with winter’s veil. Anyone else rolling the baroness with one of these bad boys? the biggest weakness is when i get some elemental DOT getting me on top of a million enemies.

Yes, since day 1:

I was originally going to avoid custom loads, but seeing how often I snipe, I think I will invest in it since 30% more damage can’t hurt, or just a slight bit more damage than a regular critical hits if they are resistant to the element.

Just try to avoid fire damage in case you want to keep your Avalanche stacks.

Yeah these are the only shields I’ve used on her

Bitter riposte is such an awesome skill with the 100% freeze chance