Tediore Reload + Moze's Short Fuse?

Do Tediore reloads proc Mozes Short Fuse capstone?

cant you just go to test dummy real quick ?

OP could be away from computer or console. I post a fair amount at work when it’s slow; imagine others do the same.

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Also could be somewhere where they don’t want to travel back to sanctuary. Half way through the takedown for example.

What does SF does again? I’m on Division 2 and can’t check. I’d gladly help @pastapastacannon with an answer since I used to use Tediore chucking with Moze

Short Fuse procs an extra explosion 15% of the time for 75% of the weapon damage. It also does weird stuff with SSB, causing it to do extra damage.

Oh yeah that capstone. I forgot. Throwing weapons are treated as “grenades”. If it says Weapon Damage then I doubt it works. I used to spam Rampager farming and done had 3 Tediore MIRV-Homing weapons. Haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary. I do see explosions from SF happen when I shoot with bullets from those