Tediore Reload Text

Good God, the Tediore Reload description text is replaced by any Anointed Flavor text. Please Fix this


Did you file a support ticket?
Just posting here won’t make the dev support team aware of it…

i have noticed that anything that has to long text in it, will get all jumbled together.

That’s not exclusive for tediore, but yeah, it sucks.

Vladof alt fire modes get the same transgression

But you can at least see what the under barrel attachment of a vladof is with ease.

Well if you learned it yeah… I spent my time leveling avoiding Vladof because of the horrid handling stat. At level 50 I’m interested because they’ve gotten over 60% on a few but now everything is anointed with terror or whatnot so learning isn’t as easy.

As it is I’m stuck inspecting the weapons to see what the parts do. Doesn’t that clear things up on the tediore guns as well, or do parts not dictate how the reload changes per gun?

You could learn tediore parts, but they are arbitrary in design and hard to pick up on because of their blockiness. You look at a Vladof and its really easy to tell what it’s second function is on the rifles and heavy guns. pistols are a little harder.