Tediore Shield + Shield Subroutine "exploit"

I had recently made a new build for my Fragtrap, and it involved using a very quick Tediore shield (All Hyp. parts, which gives 10k cap. 17k rate and 0.98 delay) and having only the defensive subroutines available along with maxing the other two trees.

Whenever the shield subroutine procs, I become practically invincible, the shield suddenly has no delay at all and anything that can’t take it down in one shot becomes something to laugh at.
I tested it a fair bit and it is quite crazy, it “often” recharges through DoTs, multiple enemies shooting me at once, etc.

I have not seen this on the forum, so am I the first to find this or has anyone else?
Sorry if this has been found already, if it has feel free to close it.

It’s been found.

I thought it was for a different character though… I’ll have to try that. When you say “often”, what exactly do you mean?

Sorry, it’s not new. This applies to any shield, really. In fact, only picking the defensive subroutine is mostly contributing to the invincibility thing.

@Adabiviak I’m guessing it has to do with which DoT is applied. Because if the sub routine is for the shield, it regenerates according to the shield’s capacity. A tediore shield would have a low capacity and the DoT could outpace the subroutine. Shock (which could very easily take out the shield) tends to “tick” very quickly, as does fire. Corrosive and cryo don’t “tick” as quickly, thus, the shield’s own recharge delay could kick in and if boosted by the subroutine, completely recharge.

(Sorry for late reply, no computer.) I just mean that if the “tick” of the DoT happens at the “correct” time, the shield can recharge before the DoT can interrupt the delay again which allows it to charge through the DoT.

I know it’s the defensive subroutine doing it, if it wasn’t I would not have brought it up in the first place.
And it doesn’t apply to every shield given that if I were to use a turtle shield, it would not charge nearly fast enough to tank the damage that the tediore can, and given that, there would be no invincibility.

coughs Grounded Quick Shield coughs