Tediore Tank Wilhelm, mobbing extraordinaire and one-shot boss killer

This is an old build I used back before UVHM came out, and was optimised in DLC4 with the introduction of the Laser Disker. Wilhelm may not be the best user of Tediore weapons in the game, but he’s the most consistent, and that’s mainly because of the Dreadnought (Right/red skill tree) capstone, Overcharge. But, that’s not all of why he’s so good at Tediore chucking.

To begin this guide I’ll use the TPS skill calculator for the build - http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/500000000005005151505150051515551

This build is mainly focused around increasing magazine size, reload speed, and survivability in that order. Next I’ll list the gear.


  • Laser Disker. The hardest hitting Tediore weapon in the game per reload throw. Wilhelm is the explosive expert and laser specialist of BLTPS and this weapon just feels like it was made for him, even more so when he has access to two magazine size increases with one being specifically for laser weapons.

  • IVF: This is a great backup weapon for those “just in case” moments, even with all the ammo regen Wilhelm has access to he also has a lot of reload speed increases and just might run out of ammo every once in a while, this is for those moments.
    Preferred parts: “Hefty” prefix, Bandit grip. NOTE: A Hefty prefix will do more damage per reload throw than a “Refill” prefix, try it yourself.

  • Frigida or Cryo Taser: Frozen enemies take more damage from explosions and melee attacks, which also means a double dose of damage from Power Fist (Triple on a crit) and these are the two best freezers in the game. The Frigida is essentially the new Slagga, but I prefer the Taser for it’s accuracy downrange. NOTE: Power Fist receives all buffs to explosive damage, punch frozen enemies!

  • 88 Fragnum: The new Unkempt Harold may not be what it once was, but it’s still a solid weapon and on a character built for exploding enemies it’s almost perfect. Great close range accuracy means freezing your enemies then shooting them point-blank in the face for twice the buffs from Cryo. Great for when ammo is low or when that Tediore chuck is unnecessary overkill, but does compete with the Taser for pistol ammo.


  • COM: Blue rarity (High Tech) Blaster with +6 in Laser Focus and +5 in Welcome to the Gun Show. This COM is specifically focused on improving Laser Disker performance, but Welcome to the Gun Show provides nice all-round buffs. The stats are unimportant here, it’s the skill points you want.

  • Oz Kit: Purple rarity Bomber Oz Kit. Tediore reloads gain damage increases from “grenade damage” so this Oz Kit seeks to further improve overall damage from this build’s main damage source. Also, a chance not to consume grenades is an awesome thing to use, take advantage of it and throw grenades every time you’re in the air, keep jumping! Preferably explosive element for big butt slams, but the stats are more important than the element.

  • Shield: Reogenator. Adaptive shields had a bad reputation in BL2 but they’re done right by in TPS and Wilhelm’s Hazmat Containment System makes him a particularly good wearer of them. Stack that synergy with Hard to Kill, Emergency Response and Divert Power and you’ll have to try to get killed., and with Kinetic Armour and Termination Protocol you can kill enemies just by standing still. Wilhelm is god.

  • Grenade: This one’s entirely up to you, but I’d recommend using a Quasar to pull enemies into your line of fire and strip heavy shields.

Now onto the build breakdown. Firstly you’ll notice I have one leftover skill point, this one can go wherever you want it and if you don’t want Shock Absorbers it’s not mandatory to this build, I just think it’s cool. Man and Machine s a good alternative for extra tankiness. Some people also don’t like Termination Protocol, instead one point can go into Fortify to advance down the tree. Aside from skills boosted by the COM and defensive skills mentioned above, the two most important skills for this build are Auxillary Tanks and Overcharge. We take Auxillary Tanks for the cooldown not the duration, and this is where Zero Hour comes in to further increase the already insane amount of survivability. A few seconds after activating Wolf & Saint Overcharge will activate, as soon as this happens immediately recall Wolf & Saint. A large portion of the cooldown will be refunded and Auxillary Tanks will further that, now we take advantage of 10 seconds of ammo regeneration and increased reload speed to chuck our boosted Laser Disker. Fire one shot, reload, repeat. For heavier and mobile enemies, freezing them first with the Frigida or Taser will keep them still so you can land a direct hit and cause them to take increased damage from Tediore throws. Tediore throws can land critical hits, which are also buffed against frozen enemies, this is why we take Targeting Scope.

With this build you can Tediore throw against mobs as well as bosses, and most bosses wont withstand more than one throw even before Cryo. This is also a fast way to complete the Badass Round of the Holodome, although with so many tough enemies ammo may run low even with extreme amounts of ammo regen so the IVF and Fragnum will see a lot of use, try to keep your Laser Disker for the baddest of badasses. Even if there are no enemies around keep spamming Overcharge to top up your ammo, only ammo for the weapon type you’re holding will be refilled so switch often to ensure that all ammo types are frequently topped up when needed. The trickiest thing about this build is learning how long it takes for your weapons to reload and the trajectory and speed of the thrown weapon, made even more difficult by the constantly changing reload speed, but once you learn to adjust accordingly you wont waste too many throws. If you’re not sure about hitting your target, close the gap and freeze them, there’s a lot of survivability on this build to ensure that you’re able to tank heavy damage while fighting at close-mid range.

Thank you to all who read, reviews and general comments are welcome and appreciated whether critical or acclaimed, and I’m no stranger to critical acclaim either :wink: I hope this helps anyone looking to play as Wilhelm, and to any who say he’s the weakest or least interesting toon in TPS I invite you to try this build out for yourself :grin:


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I think the OC chaining may be overkill DPS for mobs, but IDK.
These guys can give you some improvements if there are any to make.

And BTW, I don’t mean to sound nasty with this, but [quote=“Slif_One, post:1, topic:1547574”]
to any who say he’s the weakest or least interesting toon in TPS I invite you to try this build out for yourself

Wilhelm is no Axton when it comes to tediore reloads. Jack, clappy, and Athena all thrive on the strategy. This is nothing against the build, but if we’re speaking in terms of strength, I’m fairly certain he would lose against those three. Khim is busy with Battleborn, and I don’t want to bother him to make a video, but the math is there.

It’s a cool build though. Like a robot malfunctioning and going on rampage all the time :grin:.

Also, congrats on keeping the Wilhelm forum alive. This may be the first post in several months!


It generally is, but whoever said they didn’t want to one-shot everything in the game legit? Some of the beefier BAs can withstand a chuck or two, but after Cryo their existence is irrelevant.

I’m well aware, particularly of Jack and Clappy, but -

This is why I do it, consistency. Jack and Clappy wont last long chucking at mobs, they’re the best Tediore boss killers by far I’ll never doubt that but being able to chuck at everything on your way to a boss, then chuck-kill said boss, and chuck your way to the next and so on without ever having to switch any gear or respec even a single skill point is pretty damn satisfying :slight_smile:

Even without chucking everywhere, I always played by spamming OC. Laser Wilhelm was a big thing from day one, and while everyone else was sending out Wolf & Saint and buffing Wolf in particular I was busy spamming OC and out-DPSing every commonly used build at the time, except for laser Nisha of course. Plus, Zero Hour is the most team-oriented skill in Wilhelm’s kit and I felt like I was the only one who ever used it :frowning:

Cheers! I’d suggested this build to a few “YouTubers” back in the day (you know when they ask you to post your build ideas) but nobody made a video on it, which in hindsight was a good thing because I was the only Tediore-mobbing Wilhelm I ever saw and I kinda preferred it that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and on this note -

if there are any to be made I’ll be peeved lol, back before the DLC4 dummies a lot of time was spent chucking in duels to compare damage numbers. Then when DLC4 was released my COM changed and I had the dummies to chuck at all day, and OC to keep me from ending up broke lol. I didn’t play TPS for very long but I still put a lot of hours in (and got the platinum before the Holodome) but Wilhelm and Jack were by far my most played, I spent almost as much time in front of the test dummies at one stage as I did actually playing the game, and the rest of the time spent was farming and grinding for the perfect gear I needed. Literally days of testing and weeks of farming/grinding, ah I miss TPS now, might think about converting my PS3 saves to PS4.

Fair enough. Can’t argue that point.

Tried it in my OC build, it was nice when I could stand still in it.


This is another reason why I spec so heavily into defensive skills, aside from the incredible synergy I mentioned you can just stand still in Zero Hour and get all the heals, which makes up for not having further health boosts from Man and Machine and Fortify, and Zero Hour heals you faster than Saint. It’s just perfect, I love Wilhelm, best designed character in the BL franchise IMO.

I never understood DPS Wilhelms, though I do remember one player who was particularly good with Venom Bolts and Cold War and you could speed kill RK5 with those two skills by proccing Suppression and Targeting Scope.

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I’m extremely foggy with my TPS knowledge after a pretty long stretch away from Wilhelm. With the understanding that W&S are benched for this build, skipping LG obviously makes sense. It also follows that all of the points that would normally go into HK tree make more sense elsewhere, and I can’t really find fault in where you opted to put them. Even some kind of soft skills (Hard to Kill, for example) make fine dumps when you bench W&S.

Can’t really see any ways to improve the concept.

Having said that…

TPS is a funny case for me. With so little endgame, and general mobbing not being especially difficult, I’ve come to a heavy bias in favor of builds that work well specifically against Invincible Sentinel, E&E, Holodome BA, and Mutator. I would enjoy video of this against E&E.


Any Howitzer com will make the Laser Disker hit slightly harder than your perfect blue High Tech Blaster with +5 Welcome to the Gun Show. And the only stat you lose that chucking cares about is 10% reload speed, but everything dies in one chuck anyway. You also consume 15 less ammo per chuck with the Howitzer. I prefer a blue Siege Howitzer with +5 Fire Support. It will also boost your IVF’s throw reload by a large margin compared to the Blaster com if it’s non-elemental, and it will push your Torgue pistol’s damage through the roof.


I guess it could come down to preference. But for the most part, besides with Jack and Clappy, a glitch DP Slapper is thought to be better than a Hard 88 Fragnum without the glitches even taken into account.

DP Slapper

  • 13% higher base damage
  • 13.3 higher accuracy
  • And an effective mag size of 17, compared to the Fragnum’s 7
  • Massive DPS raising Glitches

88 Fragnum

  • 25% higher fire rate
  • 25% crit damage
  • Optional luneshine


And just in case you didn’t know, the crit bonus from cryo does not apply to melee crits.

I used a slight variation of your build for the pictures, just to get 5 points in Fire Support. I also used a Bomber Oz kit and no BAR.


I am omnipotent. I don’t even need to be summoned.


I think the build’s fine, I think I just use flat adaptives rather than the reo because tediore-like shields dont synergize too too well because the shield break buffs work better with a higher shield capacity or have a long enough duration that you don’t need a constantly breaking shield.

OC Chaining is completely viable for whatever combat you need it for.

My biggest problem with your build is that you have too many points in the right tree. H2K HCU and KA are super niche in what they do and are mostly unnecessary for normal combat. especially when youre going 5 points in all three.

I would take out the points in H2K and Hazmat and move them into Suppression and Fire Support. Then you have a better place to put your last point. If you’re really dead-set on never using wolf and saint while their out Kill Switch is a free nuke every time you recall. Although I would personally reccommend Laser Guided, as it is BY FAR Willhelms best skill, it makes the build more versatile and boosts your DPS more than any other 1 skill wilhelm has access to.


Don’t know how I missed this, I did use the Howitzer back before the Laser Disker/Blaster. Perhaps I got the COM in the build wrong, to be completely honest I don’t have this game anymore (on PS3) and formulated this guide entirely from memory with a little research for the skill/item names I’d forgotten, and we’re talking a long time since playing.

I never experimented with glitch weapons outside of shotguns for Jack and lasers for Athena. That screenshot is the exact same Fragnum variant as I was running, though.

I did used to use both of these at one stage, paint a target upon summon before CR and recall and nuke upon recall all sound great but I never really found them to make a big difference, so I opted for defense because as you said they are all really niche and that’s what I liked about them. They’re mostly noticeable when fighting the “Invincible” Sentinel, though he goes does hard all the same.

I understand that, for the most past I was much the same but Wilhelm just called to me in this game, I had to make him even more badass than his BL2 incarnate!

Literally the one place in the game where this spec does not work well, single-target damage just doesn’t cut it against something with more health than Vora’s shield. I mean it does and can work, but I’d opt for a hybrid laser-explosive build for DPS over massive one-shots. E&E was to me, gameplay wise, the best and probably only good thing about TPS. I’d say the Holodome, but paying only for an arena when we had Murderlin’s Temple within TTAoDK, hmm yeah.

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This build needs more Laser Guided. Its bonus is actually 87.5% in UVHM, making it a larger DPS boost than Overcharge.

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