Tediore? Viable?

So first let me say I haven’t played Moze, yet. Very low level, with my Moze. All anyone talks about is the hex grenade with her explosion build. But what about tediore? If everyone is worried about a nerf, would Tediore guns make up for that? I’m interested in moze because her shield skills and spash damage skills remind me of the second favorite character behind Maya, and that’s Axton. But aside from iron bear, she seems much better.

Anyone use and have success with Tediore guns?

Edit: I’m mostly asking if you can have a Tediore centered build. The only real weakness of an all Tediore load out is the ammo. But Moze can get unlimited ammo.

Has anyone tested if this would all work?

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my issue with Tediore in BL2 you could take a shot and reload and aim where it’s gonna go except maybe a few select ones. Loved it on Axton, he could destroy Terra with that.

Now they just kinda bounce around waiting for you to shoot, I am sure someone will make them work but ugh…

There are different kinds. I’m mostly referring to the ones with 5 homing MIRV grenades.

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I know there are different kinds thanks…

Honestly at this point even after the buffs if I see maliwan, cov or tediore I don’t even bother. I’m starting to not bother with Jakobs at end game either because normal bullets are trampled into the ground so often it makes them very frustrating barring the few actual elemental legendaries. Torge and vladof are where it’s at IMHO. The flamethrower legendary pistol from tediore was kind of fun but other than that…

I used Tiedore guns all the way through early play… and still continue. The reload damage is essential with a full mag- taking bandits out like crazy and saving me when down. Keep one handy at all times for a while. I do. Overall other manufacturers are better, but that reload gives some ya smack-down when needed in a pinch.

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However I do agree with the prior response from r3f1cul/ Torgue & Vladolf are where it’s at! But a strong Tiedore can do some biz too! All in good fun-

Homing MIRV Tediores can be pretty strong.

Mopioid finally got his desired Cryo Tediore Shotgun (homing MIRV) and it was dunking on an entire area hilariously well (Anointed cryo immune fun police aside). The amusing part is that the relic that restores ammo (8%) when you melee an enemy works with the Face Puncher. Per pellet. Takes 2-3 shots to go from zero ammo back to 200+.

Definitely takes some farming to find the really good Tediores, but I wouldn’t write off the manufacturer. I picked up a blue the other day that I stashed because it did a surprising amount of damage.

I am now running a tediore build in TVHM mayhem 3 and I would say definetly FAR more than viable.

The key as already mentioned is to get a homing MIRV pistol, and invest in BM and DW tree.
Tediore reload can benefit from pretty much anything offered by Moze skill tree, including grenade damage, splash damage, mag size, gun damage, pull the holy pin etc., and splash damage, nade damage and AoE damage bonuses from class mods and relics.

For the ammo issue, use extreme hangin’ chad for ammo regen. Only this works. And don’t grab Forge and Cloud of Leads.

This build can one-shot a whole bunch of enemies and melt through the anointed and bosses, even without any other survival skills apart from vampyr and using a blast master class mod, I can still do the slaughter shaft round 5 within 8 min.


That’s what I was curious about. So the ammo Regen skills don’t work? My favorite Tediore is a purple shotgun with 5 homing MIRV grenades. I can kill anointed with two reloads.

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Tediore is rather excellent in this game, coming from someone who avoided them like the plague in bl2.

The problem is not that they don’t work, but they’ll occasionally stop you from reloading which is really annoying when playing this build. And the ammo regen skills will only fill up your mag, so in order to support huge ammo consumption you need a gun with a really big mag. COV guns have a seemingly unlimited mag size, but their actual mag size affected by skills is shots before break. Chad can never break, so it works. If you are using Shotguns, you’ll need Face Puncher and ammo stealing relic for regen.

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I noticed early on without really doing any checking of forums that Tediore homing MIRVs are really good on Moze. So much so that now I don’t really care about other guns. The only legendaries I even look at now are guns that don’t compete with Tediore (meaning I don’t care about any other pistols, shotguns, or SMGs). I’m addicted to the Tediore homing variants. Every other gun just feels weak in comparison. I have a purple homing MIRV pistol that wrecks everything unless there is a tight ceiling that the MIRVs crash into. I also use a blue non-homing MIRV electric shotgun that really works well for ground based enemies in corridors and offers major AOE, and then another blue SMG homing MIRV. I even keep some alternate Tediores for situational usage - such as turret based SMG - toss out a few right as the bandits come out of their holes, then switch off to pistol for some real mayhem.

Frankly I don’t care about ammo regen. I’ve never had any issues. Between those three weapons, I always have enough bullets to make it between ammo vending machines (prioritize maxing out ammo SDUs for those 3 gun types). Why worry about regen at all when refilling ammo costs next to nothing and is a single key press? I find that if I don’t worry about ammo and just equip whatever I want (currently I’m running a luck relic for extra uniques), then I have more fun and less micro management.

Ah, I was wondering I wasn’t getting crazy ammo regen while holding a COV gun.

Do you know if the ammo regen abilities extend the time to weapon break?

Also, have you figured out Tediore prefixes yet? “Clearance” is double shot, but that’s about all I’ve been able to discern.

In my experience, increasing mag size do extend the time to weapon break, but ammo regen don’t.

Indeed, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for a good Lemniscate class mod with weapon damage and COV weapon damage.

I can’t find a mirv tediore despite days of farming. GW doesn’t drop many tediores, I think gigamind drops more. Does anyone have a better suggestion for what to farm?

Don’t listen to the internet, just do what you want and have fun.

That said, listen to me lol-

I’m not sure why Tediore gets crapped on, I’ve used several of all rarities and they’ve all been devastating, the throw effects are wild. I just got a flamethrower Tediore, reloading tosses out a flamethrower turret!

Tediore MIRV versions are brutal, they feel as strong as the TORGUE Alien Shotguns (similar MIRV effect).

The only one that was underwhelming was Bangarang, but it’s probably because I was using it wrong. It was scoring tons of critical hits when thrown at the enemies’ head-level, but I’m not sure how to control it.

Captain Haunt was nice enough to drop me a cutpurse deathless and I have a couple of powerful homing tediore mirvs so i’ll be trying out Tediore Moze also. Any idea if gun damage bonuses affect tediore chucks?