Tediore....why no good "shooting" guns?

In Bl 2 you had a superb Tediore for shooting…the Blockhead.

Another in the Omen.

Are there ANY Tediores that are worth shooting in BL3. I love the reload throw mechanic…but it would be nice to have a GREAT shooting Tediore.

Apparently we’re getting one.




The description on the card…oh my!

I enjoyed the slag Deliverance in 2, but haven’t seen that show up in 3. Most of the Tediore weapons deal less damage, forcing the player to rely on the reload to compensate. Because of that, I have mostly avoided Tediore completely. Plenty of other guns available to use.

I saw that weapon and the card description…WANT

Wondering if it pairs with accuracy annointed enough to make it somewhat manageable?

Though I doubt I’ll have the chance to test it with rng but the weapon is pretty good

Holy … that’s what, 300% damage with all 10 stacks? Does that count for the throws too? Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. Although 59x13 at level 35 seems a tad low to begin with, but I could be wrong. Been awhile since I was around level 35.

New trinket on there too…

The new weapon seems nice but existing Tediore weapons could still see a buff to their regular shots. If they are only worth to throw, just make them a grenade.

Problem with buffing their base damage is that the thrown damage is calculated off of the bullet damage and how many are left in the clip when thrown. They are already kinda OP as is. Buffing that base damage too much would break so much. However only the MIRV variants have this issue. The turrets are all kinda crap. Difficult one to balance just right.

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I saw some gameplay with it earlier. It looked decent, but anything would look decent at that level.

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That gameplay made Iron Bear look like a MONSTER…

Ahhhh, well yeah…at level 34…lol

Here’s some that makes Iron Bear look like a monster at M4

I’ve never played with Moze so i don’t really know much about her but I remember seeing this video like a month or so ago.

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Oh…IB’s better now…even viable at M4…the problem is the damn anoints…

you basically are much more “powerful” buy doing the circus trampoline act of constantly jumping in and out of IB than you are IN IB.

IB is much better but IMHO juuuuust not there…yet.

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Have you tried the Raging Bear mod yet? Iron Bear is crazy strong when you have that mod, the key being “whenever Iron Bear takes damage, it gains increased damage.”

Anyways, back on topic, like @renfried said, it’s tough to balance Tediore weapons because the damage they do when reloaded/thrown is based off their weapon damage.

Yep…and I have a really good one with great perks and yup…Iron bear is better with it than anything else. Buuuuuut with anoints the way they are…for the most part…you are far better off using IB as a jump in and out static turret…

Can you make it work?..for the most part…yes. Although the damn slllloooowww animation drives me bat ■■■■.

Is it the “best” for a min maxer?..no way.

I don’t know about crazy strong in comparison to other things in the game. But I’ll go with strong enough. I did manage a True Takedown using Iron Bear to do the majority of the work.

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There is only one gun Tediore that I pull out on occasion… The Boo+ SMG.

I used to like the BabyMaker in BL2, but find the fire rate too slow for my play with the current version in BL3. Tediore shotguns just are overshadowed by other Hyperion and Torgue options for me–even with some of the fun reload options available.

I like the Boo ++ as well…but have never used it to shoot. Just throw.

Is it any good as an actual shooting gun?

Damn… That’s going to be well used.