Tedious mod launching

Do I have to always go into mods/game/select than write command line arguments I want, than launch?

Would be possible to save all these setting, maybe as desktop shortcut or something among these lines?


I wholeheartedly agree with this. Mods should not be tedious to load and a player should never have to use an alternative launcher to load mods at all: in fact, I downloaded a mod and haven’t used it, because the loading of the mod is tedious.

Skyrim does it quite well, making use of the same launcher and automatically loading files from a specific folder if they’re present: maybe HW Remastered could make use of a similar method, providing a popup for “Installed Mods”?


I’d also be helpful to have a small message next to the game version that tells you that the mod is correctly loaded (and maybe its name and version number). And please have the MOD menu rechecked for localization errors :wink: (though I can only speak for the German one ).

A simple doubleclicking at the mod’s name instead of selecting it and pressing the Select button would be nice.


I want to build a whole new system for this. From the ground up.

I sorta tend to do that (“Oh look, we can do this better” - ** deletes all of the code **)…

Okay, not sorta, I do that all of the time (graphics engine, fonts, ui, tools, game setup/config soon, etc)…

But seriously, I think we all know this system works - but lacks finesse and grace. That’s okay, it like everything else can evolve… and probably will in the near future.


I was thinking the perfect system for mod launching would be…

Host loads up the game as normal.
Presses a single button to activate the mod. This button could be at the splash screen or even better, inside the game room. maybe a quick start for whatever mod you have selected

People who join your game don’t even need to have the mod. As they join, it warns the user the host is using a mod that they don’t have, and asks if they would like to download and activate the mod. The joiner presses yes and after 10 seconds…has the mod, and has joined the hosts game.

that is perfection.

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Some mod are “a bit” bigger than 10 seconds downloads.


And not everyone has fibre optic connections to download mods at lightning speed either :wink:

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