Teleport Anywhere Glitch (Locations)

If you need an explanation then cheek out ThiccFilA video Here! (Also CAR=catch a ride)

I started with Gehenna on The Blastplains, I wanted to see everywhere I can go with a Jetbeast.

image From this CAR to Covenant Pass - Fight shiv with a Jetbeast.

image This CAR also spawns you right outside the beginning area of the Droughts

(this one will spawn you above The Droughts floating untill you boost!!)

I also tried this with Carnavora but it seems you don’t spawn in the area with a vehicle?

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Does this work on console? I’ve not gotten it to work on the PS4.

Yes I am using PS4. It can be tricky to get the timing correct but it definitely still works

I was pressing triangle then quickly opening my menu but wasn’t teleporting in a vehicle.