Teleport while invisible

I’ve got my use out of this so I figured I’d share it
If you need to teleport back to base and you may be in danger of someone coming around the corner and taking you out, there is a bug that lets you teleport while still invisible.
Simply hit the button to do your initial teleport, immediately hit it again to stop then hit it again . . . basically hit the teleport button 3 times.
This activates his invisibility and you will still be teleporting. Everyone I have done this to avoids me because they just think its a poison cloud.

The same goes for taunting. If you teleport or taunt while cloaked you’ll uncloak during the animation, but if you do either while uncloaked and out of LoS Corner Sneak will activate during the animation.

I did that by mistake the other day and couldn’t figure out how it happened, lol