Teleporting Glitch

My character keeps teleport across the screen as you move. It basically makes it almost impossible to play. I thought it was lag at first, but the connection seems fine. I have full green bars, when pulling up the stat sheet (if that makes any sense). Maybe other people are having this problem or maybe this is simply the result of a bad connection.

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Also having this issue…can this be fixed? Are we gunna have to wait for a patch?

What youre describing is referred to as Yo-Yo’ing. Where the system will basically do latency compensation for users; that’s when this affect happens. You’ll run forward but then be yanked back to the previous position or placed incorrectly within the map.

I’d recommend running test on your connection to ensure you’re not having packet loss. Granted you may be showing a full bar connectivity status, however that status doesn’t account for packet loss. Instead that meter just gives an idea of what kind of response time you have to the server/host. Basically this means it’s not taking any time to reach the server/host (maybe 20-65ms) which is great. But like I said if there are packets that are dropping before hitting the server, there will be missing information that can cause this.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can use and have them run intrusive line test on your connectivity.

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Thanks for the advice.

My connection is solid. How would I prevent package loss or turn of latency compensation?

Really annoying as the game is unplayable.

Thanks again

There are various things you can do. You can also try using a free DNS services to see if you may get better performance/latency. You can do this by forcing your switch/router to point to an open dns service such as Open DNS or even Google’s DNS. Google’s DNS can be found at and

As for packet loss, there’s not much you can do if the lines are new and the equipment is new. My recommendation here would be once again to use a service like DSL reports and have them run a week long test. If you can’t do that you could install WireShark and do some packet capturing/monitoring for lost packets. If you see a large amount of lost packets, I’d call you’re local provider.