Tell Me About Your Car

Sooo amid all the topics talking about problems in the game and everything else… I tend to have a negative reaction and tend to think about things I like about in the game.

One of my favorite things about this game is one of the things I woulnd’t have considered in other borderlands games is the… crazy amount of customization that you can do with cars, and how you can get more parts by stealing other cars and driving them to points.

I’m… obsessively happy with the one I came up with.

I’ve named it the War Rig in honor of Mad Max: Fury Road

The bonuses attached -

Guns - Standard (haven’t stolen a good replacement yet)
Turret - Explosive Barrels (I still think they’re better than the stickies, havent unlocked the third)
Armor - Meat Grinder - 100% Ramming Damage, 200% ramming Damage Against Flesh
Wheels - Barbed Wheels- Ignore Terrain , 50% Additional Ramming Damage Against Flesh
Mod - Fuel Barrels - Infinite Boost

I love this car more than I love any of your children - sell me on why yours is better.

I need to find those wheels. And I will make that my mission when I am done farming for gear.

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I love the different horn sound that goes with a few skins (flames- widdlywiddlywoo, police- siren, and my favorite, the garage lube skin. Not going to tell you what sound it makes)


The War Rig only has one skin.

I can’t say why on this board, but y’know.

Those who came before and all that.

I love that one of the skins for the Outrunners is the classic 1960s Ford GT racing scheme. It’s been my paint job since I found it. It sucks that I can’t get a screenshot right now because I’d love to compare the two as a visual aid here.

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I think I’ll stick with the barrels if I have full control as a driver, but the Tire Launcher is exciting for somebody in the gunner’s pit. The tire rolls out extremely fast and you can guide it by ADS but the whole affair is too slow/much to handle when you’re also driving.

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I pretty much only use hover wheels when I have them. I find the cars horrible to control in anything other than hover mode.

I like the customization options, though.

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All I know is my wife gets pissed because she takes the 1 wheel wonder to a destination and I ram her parking spot every time. (sometimes destroying her car in the process)

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I got the Jurassic Park skin for my Technical pretty early, been rocking that ever since :smiley:

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We might be on a slippery slope :joy:

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That’s a pretty slick pun.