Tell me what you think :)

Hey people, just wanna ask what you think to my Jack build :smile:

Hm…well…this is a pretty standard Build. I don’t want to be rude, but…everybody knows this.

Supply and demand is one of the most worthless skills, better invest these points into take their Freedom or just compensation. Also, i would recommend the shield of Ages and the perk you have my shield, as ist reduces the health of your digis Even more.

Also, although just Personal preference, merger is useless. Better invest this into another skill.

Also, invest into teamwork and collaborate rather than accountability or (too much) optimism.

Weapons are also pretty standard, nothing to say against it


1st… i dont really respect this scrub cuz as we all know he use Gibb save mod editor
2nd… the skill tree build is pretty bad, skill choice is already explained by Glacier

Thanks for actually giving constructive criticism, ill take you points on board :smile:

Also just so you know, i don’t think you’re being rude atall, you’re just making a point.

He uses gibbed?. Greeeeeeaaaaaat…-.-