Tell me when I would use this?

Can anyone please explain to me why I’d ever need a Rocket Launcher with a sliding anointment?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t think of any situation that would involve my character firing a rocket launcher whilst sliding.

“While Sliding accuracy and handling are increased by 50%”

Mind as well say “gun damage increased while riding my flying pig”

Sliding damage anoints on Torgue sticky launchers (especially quickie and hedgehog) are pretty good for Zane. The idea is, you use an Antifreeze COM (+damage when sliding) or just seein’ dead and are spec’d into violent momentum (damage boost based on movement speed) and then also have a snowdrift artifact for additional slide speed. You plaster the target with sticky bombs, slide and whilst you are sliding you either reload or swap off the weapon (which blows up all the stickies). This can melt pretty much all mobs and even some bosses on M4.

There are some Zane and Amara builds that increase weapon damage as he/she moves faster. I don’t use those builds but that anointment might be helpful in those builds.

@jmthsauer not only just beat me to it but gave a better response :slight_smile:

People will use it to gain some type of advantage, but if it feels weird or unnatural to me, I won’t use it. With the limited amount of bank space that we have, I don’t pick up any “while sliding” or “while airborne” anointed items.

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It depends on the anointment. One of the good ones is 40% damage while sliding. This one is particularly effective with Torgue rocket launchers with the sticky firing mode because you can slide while reloading and get the 40% damage boost on top of the inherent sticky stacking damage boost.

This one is good for hard hitting shotguns (e.g., Stagecoach) with HORRIBLE accuracy. Outside of FL4K the secret to multi pellet shotgun damage is to have as many pellets as possible hit enemy crit spots. So you can pair that anointment with a splatter gun artifact (50% increases to shotgun damage while sliding) and a One Shotter shield to put some hurt on some bosses for example (e.g., think Graveward or the Traunts). Granted this play style is not as accessible as say ASE anointments but it can be fun to mess around with.