Tell me your Unique Builds!

I am trying to get back into this game after my Amara build, but I havent been able to find any unique and different builds that change the experience. I was wondering if any of you had some builds that I could look into. I am looking for unique, strong enough for M4, and fun to play builds with ideally not too much gear needed. Maybe this is asking too much from one build, but I really want to get back into this game. Thanks for any responses.

Melee build.

That sounds interesting, considering how much fun I had with Krieg. Do you mind telling me how it is set up?

Also, is it strong on m4 bosses?

If you run Fl4k I can think of a few unique ones.

You have mainly two possible melee build on Amara that might work on M4 : Both require a specific artefact :

  • DoT build : Require to build between the melee tree, and the element tree, you need to have the “Flame of the dragon” relic which cause a very strong fire dot on your melee attack (and scale both on elemental damage, and melee damage). You need to stack every single annointement and class com that will boost said damage. The class mod which boost your gun damage depending on your running speed also work.

  • Stick bomb build : It require you to have a “white elephant” relic, which cause your melee attack to add a sticky bomb to enemy. Then you need to use a redundant facepuncher (the shotgun that count as a melee attack) to mass sticky bomb enemy

I am creating a new character, so any build on any character would be fine.

Those both sound interesting. Is the melee itself strong for the first build, or is it more in the DoT damage.

Not sure if your strictly staying with her or for other characters but i just built the infinite iron bear for moze, its really fun and powerful. I feel like shes complete since i can use her and iron bear now. Got the build from moxsy on youtube.

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Thanks! I dont know much about Moze, so this is probably wrong, but isnt her Iron bear damage bad in m4? Or is that just completely wrong? Do you mind sending me the link too BTW.

If you have a Zane. Give my Jericho Boyo build a try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes its completely doable for m4 with current gear depending on what your tackling. Even with level 50 gear you can handle most 53 events from my research.


That looks awesome, even if I have no idea what is happening. Do you mind explaining what is going on here.


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Maliwan Allegiance Moze. Just posted in Moze Subcategory

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Sadly there is no build where you will be able to pummel enemies. Melee, even when you stack everything on it, remain kinda weak for high level content. Both of those relic are work around that scale on melee, but the actual melee damage will be quite weak compared to sticky bomb and DoT damage

got it. Does this sticky bomb relic scale with level, or will it need to be constantly replaced? Same with the face puncher. Does it scale with melee damage level.

You missed a simple melee build with a Elemental Stone + Static Charge/Planetoid artifact.

Melee is good for start especialy if you do two side quest at beginning with the Golden Touch shield and Buttplug pistol.

Here’s a Fl4k build I made using the horned skag and fadeaway, I’m still working on a build video but the only gear you need need is a friend bot with +4 or +5 in barbaric yawp, but if you like sniping get a hex for your cooldown because they score crits. I like building in concepts and this one turned out way better than expected, the skag is almost always taunting because of not my circus. Here is a takedown run, enemies shoot extra projectiles I got a slight damage buff and I died once unlike my skag who died zero times I think.

Also if your a fan of the rough rider like I am here is a fun Moze build based around that shield. Very gear dependant and cannot solo true takedown mode with out changing everything but still m4 capable.

I like sniper builds since they require mostly crit hits, which can be challenging. This is my Moze Sniper build I just used to tackle the Slaughter Shaft in Mayhem 4 in TVHM:

The gear I use is the Wedding Invitation with 125% Incendiary damage ASE, a Bloodletter Class Mod with +48% Jackobs Crit damage increase, an elemental projector deathless, Cloning Maddening Tracker grenade with 50% incendiary ASE, and a front loader shield.

It’s fun, but you do need to be able to hit crit spots fairly consistently in order for it to work well in M4.