Tell us about waiting to redeem your Packs

I started with Moze and right away I redeemed all the things, yay! Go me! …Then I realized it’s all leveled. hmmm.

So I’ve just started playing Fl4k and am restraining myself. Anyone else wait till 50 (now 53) to redeem? Can you comment on performance of the legendaries involved?


They aren’t annointed and they kinda suck as a result. The guns are bad to begin with, grenades are fun, though not the most effective

The squirt gun is funny on M4 and can prep enemies for extra dmg from shock. I am unsure the exact multiplier for a wet enemy and would like to test, but sold mine.

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You can always create new character :slight_smile:


I technically could, but want to wait to build a Moze after a few more DLC and don’t want to fill up char slots. Lazy? I dunno I just would rather play my Zane/Fl4k for now since my game time is limited :slight_smile:

i have an ocean of lvl1 cheddar shredders on my mules, and given that you get a bunch of cash regardless of the nades level, i prefer the lower level on it, cuz it’s good for long term farming of the same enemies without u’know killing them too quick.

and the badA combuster if saved to lvl 50…doesn’t well…do what it is supposed to do…i pulled a 50% ase anointment on it once at lvl 1, though, so that’s kinda nice, i guess.

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Obviously i always get the bad-A combuster right away. Usually get the cheddar shredder right away as well to acquire as much cash as fast as possible.
The rest i usually claim somewhere around lvl 20-30. Just doesn’t hold up once you start getting better legendaries. I just wait until i am not going through 5 levels a night so i can get more usable time out of them.

Although i haven’t played with this much myself. Leveling a character now with it unclaimed.

Thanks guys for all the info. @njreyl and @smokeoff that’s a great point about the cheddar, not much use for cash once you have most of the SDUs. I’ll do that one now (lev 30-ish I think?), see how good it is. Looks like we’re split on anointments. I’m not expecting any but we’ll see what happens.

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Fun fact, max lvl skags can swallow your lvl 1 grenade and die instantly.


oh yeah that reminds me, when a skag pup chases down the cheddar grenade “playing fetch with it” and returns to you it will die and any other skags near the suicide skag pup will drop cash if caught in the fetch explosion, so more bang for your buck literally.

with the exception of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, then money literally opens doors and treasure chests.

but as far as that goes, cash and unique currencies felt a lot more valuable in BL2 and TPS. (i mean they made Moonstones incredibly valuable, wish they could do the same with eridium and cash in BL3)

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Update. I played with the Cheddar at levels 30-32 today (this is just the base game, FL4K is a new character for me). It yielded about $670-ish per drop and was at its most reliable with direct hits, not bounces.

Like all elemental and I guess all special effect grenades, the effect comes at the cost of reduced damage. Unfortunately I’m not happy with the $$$ reward for the lower damage. So, as suggested by others above, the Cheddar Shredder might be more useful at lower levels of play.

Will post any notes on Butt Stallion etc. at 50 or 53.

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Wrapping this up. Here at lev. 53 TVHM M3, these are not useful items. For example, Butt Stallion does much less damage than level-appropriate grenades; and the Combuster shield’s loot and XP enhancement properties only work until lev. 10.

My suggestion is to use these upon or soon after beginning a new character.

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That, and I don’t think they can end up with annointments, either. So doubly useless on that front.

Not sure if all, but can be anointed.

All the redeemable loot items are fun to use and therefore best off redeemed fairly early while you can still mess around. If you redeem them late in the game, you can still leave mayhem modes and have fun, but yeah, way better options out there.
I have to say, the badass combuster shield is still a really good fire nova at any level, though. It’s only the xp and loot booster that gets cancelled.