Tell us about your favorite kills! (now redefined as "Actual tales from the Borderlands")

In any of the Borderlands games, describe kills that you get that are out of the ordinary, exceptionally entertaining, or otherwise epic in some way. I’m always looking for fun, unique, or interesting ways to dispatch enemies, so lay 'em on me! Bonus points for pics.

I’ll start with a simple (but super satisfying for some reason) one: I’m in the Research and Development with Athena and a healthy stack of Storm Weaving, about to confront a few Poison Stalkers. Smite is on deck, and I’m chasing the Stalker’s blips on my minimap (since they’re cloaked). I’m jumping while firing (to get a lucky shot and de-cloak them), when one happens to jump at me. I hit him in mid air with what wouldn’t have otherwise been a fatal shot when Smite triggers and blows him clean out of the air.

edit - Topic expansion! Regardless of the Borderlands game, post anything that you’re doing that’s even remotely out of the ordinary. Surely people are still playing this, and I’d love to hear what you’re up to. If you’re new to the game, tell us how that’s going. If you’re a seasoned veteran, what are you doing to spice things up?

Athena for the sake of multi-killing or: the moment when you can chain-kill three enemys weakened by Wrath of the godess and Zeus’ Rage with Overload. Just epic and cool as f*ck!

Heck yeah, sometimes I’ll fire off the Aspis a bit after dropping a Quasar so the enemies are all close together enough to eat each other’s Zeus’ Rage when Wrath of the Goddess bounces it from one to the next.

I also like the flak effect of the Torguemada, but it’s so delayed that moving targets rarely eat the flak. When I’m confronted with a slew of little Kraggons, I like to kite them into a group, jump straight up, burn off some oxygen for hang time so they cluster in a little pod beneath me, then fire the Torguemada straight down. The shots hit, but it’s often the delayed action flak that pops them all.

Further, I am loving the Wombat if for no other reason than the low gravity and oxygen assisted jumps let you safely put shot down in places that might otherwise hurt you. In the example above, I’ll shoot the ground beneath my feet, then jump in the air, so when the Kraggons cluster beneath me, they trigger the mines.

All teammates are down fighting the sentinel, and then I go down as well. Aspis flies out immediately, revives the entire team, grants me a second win. Only Athena.

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One reads about that capability in the specs, but I think it’s actually pretty epic to pull off an actual three-teammate-plus-self revival with a single toss. Also, against the Sentinel: many of those local enemies are tough.

This is a repost from BL2, but it’s still the most satisfying to date:

So, my Mechro is close to level 72, and I decide to do the tubby run from Ellie’s shop back to the Queen’s area. Now, for me at least, the bandits and ants fighting each other, several waves spawning, etc. make the Queen’s area a chaotically fun place to blast away.

Having said that, I’m down to the last enemy dot on the map, and I jump down to help DT out before realizing it’s one of those big blaster dudes. Upon landing, Blaster decides that the scary robot hacking away at him is no longer a threat and opens fire on little old me instead. Totally one of those “Rocket, meet face,” kind of moments, and I’m floundering around in FFYL.

As the timer is slipping away, I slag good ol’ Blaster and switch to my DPUH. Of course, my DPUH comes up and immediately goes into the reload animation, leaving me cringing. At this point, I’m thinking that not only am I not going to level, but I’m also going to be donating to Hyperion’s New-U monopoly again as well. Then the DPUH goes live and the second shot takes Blaster out of the picture just before I die, reviving me, and dinging me to level 72.

Talk about a sigh of relief…

Nisha is a total monster: freeze 5 or more enemys with the Fridgia and let the Unforgiven finish the job.
Soo damn awesome!

I was fending off waves of Scavs as Aurelia while Eliza was refueling her jet, I was able to snipe most of them before they got close but two lunatics jumped before I could shoot them.

One of them was frozen by Aurelia’s action skill and shattered when he landed and I managed to slap the other one right in the face!

I do love freezing airborne enemies, either over lava or even more satisfying, high enough over the ground that they shatter upon impact (especially when they’re moving fast, so they continue along in their parabolic trajectory to their doom). I may make it a personal challenge to see if I can finish the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit with all fall-while-frozen-into-lava kills.

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Today in Frostburn Canyon, I’m trying to kill Incinerator Clayton by pulling him off the side of a cliff with a singularity grenade. There is a raging Goliath about, but all the cultists are otherwise dead. The Goliath gets a bead on Clayton and starts pounding him, but it’s UVHM, and they could go on indefinitely, so I use this to take a break and watch them go at it for a bit. The Goliath proceeds to beat Clayton back against a corrosive barrel along a railing, and his inevitable ground pound fires the barrel off in Clayton’s backside. Then the Goliath beats him back along the rail to an explosive barrel with a similar outcome. Then the Goliath beats him along the rail to another corrosive barrel, but this time, the ground pound sends Clayton off the cliff edge, eating corrosive DoT all the way down. I tried to get a screenshot, but all I got were some green numbers from down in the chasm.

It was brutal.

It’s not especially remarkable, and I’m sure a lot of people have done this.

Salvador, with the Ahab and Pimpernel, shooting Hyperius in the crotch. The Pimpernel - the only sniper rifle that gets more effective with crotch shots than head shots.

I was playing my 60 Nisha just gathering achievements with a shotgun in Triton Flats on normal mode when a scav jumped up out of cover; I instinctively wheeled and blew him away mid-air and it reminded me of the scene in Mel Brooks’ History of the World when the king was using peasants as clay pigeons for skeet shooting. Had a good laugh about that.

[quote=“Loqiel, post:12, topic:59361”]
the scene in Mel Brooks’ History of the World when the king was using peasants as clay pigeons for skeet shooting.[/quote]Oh man :laughing:

Got a bunch of maelstrom, shot the Nukem at the Empyrean Sentinel, and got a challenge for killing shielded enemys in one shot.

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Spamming rockets at the Sentinel with 999 maelstorm stacks is hilarious.

Else, I like pushing huge shield/health badasses into pits and save ammo, and I take pleasure in instagibbing bosses.

Are you pushing them in with some knockback, or freezing them out of the air (both of which are super fun)?

Whatever means my class has. Melee override, singularity grenades, buttslam, freeze in midair.

got another hilarious one. fighting random scavs to get to nel and, butt slammed one into the backround. i didnt see the corpse actually hit the top of its arc with my sniper.

Caught a weak Shuggurath in a Rainbow Coolant nova. This wasn’t the original kill, but now I’m hooked. Also, I’m officially naming the narwhal “Skittles”.

-As the Lost Legion waited to open the door in An Urgent Message, I attempted a Scarface reference as Claptrap by chucking in a grenade. (It would be better if I had a Dahl Grenadier, but it worked and there were bodies all over the room.)
-I’ve killed several Lost Legion to the point where they hang from railings on their stomachs or fall onto ammo crates. There was one who died with his hand out…and his money fell onto his hand.