Telltale Games Getting Removed From Steam: If you Want Tales, now is the time to buy

I wouldn’t normally try to put a post here, but the word on reddit is Steam is actively removing telltale games from steam at this point, so if you were ever curious about picking up Tales from the Borderlands, now would be the time to do so.

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Relevant article (hat-tip to @GeekVersusNerd for the link):

No word in that of whether (and if so when) the other games are going to be removed. I would hazard a guess that it depends to some extent on who actually owns the IP and sale/distribution rights.

Regardless, I’d encourage anyone on PC who hasn’t played it and who enjoys Borderlands lore to grab it asap and play it.


According to the article…
Removed titles so far are…

Back to the Future
Tales of Monkey Island
The Walking Dead

That’s one of their three really good games removed.

Here are the essentials in my book… (opinion)
Tales From The Borderlands
The Wolf Among Us
The Walking Dead (gone.)

Good, but not essential:
Poker Night at the Inventory 1&2 (2 has Claptrap vs. Glados)
Batman: The Telltale Series Season One (It’s not bad, it just has some stuff in the last two chapters that made me go, “What? Really?.”)

Game of Thrones is just ok.

Don’t even bother with Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s soooooooo incredibly boring.

I’m curious about Sam & Max, but I don’t know if I’m curious enough to pick it up.