_TEMP_ Spectral Phasezerker? Text errors in game

Just found a Phasezerker class mod with TEMP in the title.
That’s probably the most egregious text error I’ve noticed so far. A simple text search would have found any remaining TEMP tags during text verification, if text was even checked at all.

Moze’s Experimental Munitions skill contains the phrase “they deals bonus Incendiary Damage.” Clearly ‘deals’ is supposed to be ‘deal’.

FL4k’s skills are full of inconsistency. Usually the word pet is highlighted in orange text, but there are frequent occurrences of the word being in normal text. There is also no consistent rule for the word to be capitalized. In Pack Tactics it’s capitalized twice, neither is the first word of a sentence. Yet in Shared Spirit it isn’t capitalized at all, but still highlighted in orange. In Grim Harvest the word is neither capitalized nor highlighted. Comparing with other skills for other characters, it would appear that the word pet should always be highlighted, and always be capitalized.