Tempest Class Mod Silent Resolve Bonus Not Showing

Basically, I have a Tempest class mod equipped, and one of the features is +2 to Silent Resolve, but even though I have maxed out Silent Resolve, it still does not go above 5 out of 5. It should be noted I’m playing the original Xbox 360 version of Borderlands on an Xbox 360.

Borderlands part I did (and does) not show the skill point bonuses at all. The effect is there, but it’s not shown in the skill tree.

The 7/5 etc. was first to be seen in Borderlands 2. By the way, I asked myself the same question back then. :grin:

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Yep, BL1 does not indicate boosted skills being boosted. But they are getting a boost (and most of the effect of the ones coms boost don’t stop scaling at 5/5).