Templar GFX V5 is online

(Jup_Kozlowski) #1

Hey guys!

It took his time! But Templar released the Version 5 of his A:CM Mod!

Change log:

V5 Update changes :

  • All Levels have had a graphic overhaul (only Sulaco was included and a bit of Hadleys Hope in V4)
  • Bug Hunt MP modified for Xeno’s only (no WY grunts) and uses V5 Xeno configs
  • Fixed Laser Attachment
  • Fixed Extended Mag for Pulse Rifle
  • Permanent Decals
  • Improved Engine Config for higher quality graphics
  • Improved Pixel Shader for better graphics
  • Reworked AI Targeting mechanics to improve xeno and human combat
  • Slight Improvement to Human combat AI
  • Significant Improvement to Xeno dodging and jumping

Overhaul Overview (The Highlights) :

  • Fixes Weapon Firing mechanics so they shoot where you point
  • Fixes Xeno AI so they are dangerous and smart
  • Fixes Human AI so they are slightly less stupid (only so much I can do!)
  • Rebalanced and Reconfigured Weapons
  • Particles and Effects game-wide recoded for better visual quality
  • More Xenos in many Situations
  • Smart Gun available 5 times throughout the campaign instead of just 2

Known Issues :

  • Some particle effects go haywire and produce too many particles. There are only a few of these and most of the time its not noticeable, but they do impact performance

Download Link:

to announce…

And it seems Templar found the missing link for the broken AI (not inc. in the V5 download yet). It seems to, that it based on a simple spelling mistake in the ini files by GBX or Timegate. After you fix this “mistake”, you won´t recognize the AI. It´s faster and smarter. I´ll test it today over 2h on my rig with a clean installation of acm and one of my budies too. We got the same result. No more “Xeno freezes” and the xenos try to kill you from above or behind.

So, stay frosty!

(Jup_Kozlowski) #2

Here is the ini tweak, for the “better” AI.

Got to:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\Config

and open the PecanEngine config with a text editor.

Search for : (strg+f)

ClassRemapping=PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachXenoToTether -> PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachPawnToTeather

and replace it with

ClassRemapping=PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachXenoToTether -> PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachPawnToTether

Save and give the file only read acces. Done!

I couldn´t believe it by myself, that “one wrong” letter, got such a hugh influence.

But try it out and let us know about bugs or stuff like that.


(Jup_Kozlowski) #3

Here is a demo, how the simple ini tweak change the Xeno behavior. It´s combined with the V5 Mod by Templar.

(AthlonDude) #4

I tried just the ini adjustment alone and I honestly dont see much of a difference at all. Bughunt the aliens react the same in every difficulty level. In the campaign I did notice some minor changes in their behavior, but I also noticed the game started to glitch a bit too.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #5

What kind of glitches? AI, gfx, sound or skripting?

I´ll test this tweak by myself on 2 rigs and some friends from steam too. No glitches, on the contrary, the glitches and bugs are reduced. That told me the other guys on steam.

Best example is the first big xeno wave on mission one, by the dropship in the hanger. With only the the tweak, no mods or stuff like tihs.
I (we) got no AI freezes and the xenos acting smarter. They don´t run straight into your gunfire.

The vanila without any mod or tweak, got AI freezes and a stupid behavior like, I run straight into the light of the gunfire.

I konw this all sounds really strange, that one letter can such have this influence. But I´ll test it 100 times over and over to get sure this is not only a placebo.

(AthlonDude) #6

Ok really easy. First off with just the Tweak in Bughunt the Xenos run straight at you just like they always have, no change. I did notice some freezing and pausing as well were the game would randomly freeze or pause for a second or two. This does not happen without the tweak. In the Hope in Hadleys Mission I did notice some improved AI behavior when outside, the xenos dont rush right up they hold back till after the Spitters attack and then they try to sneak around the APC to get at you. However inside the complex if you are going through a doorway at the same time a xeno is trying to come through at you, it still sits there and waits for you to get out of the way without attacking. Also again randoming freezing and pausing which is an issue I dont have without the tweak.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #7

Thats really strange, expect on BH. BH only work with the tweak plus V5 Mod.

But on the sp campaigne, everything works like it should only with the tweak.

But hey. On Acm is everything possible from total fail to epic failure. :grinning:

(old.liquid@gmail.com) #8

With this fix I got AI freezes when xeno jumps at you, for half a second
And with TemplarGFX v5 I got the game completely freeze every time I got into Sulaco corridor with windows and skybox visible. Only thing works is complete uninstall of TemplarGFX v5.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #9


  1. Delete the install folder of ACM to be sure every mod or tweak file is gone.

    AND !!!

    Delete the (old) ini files from the C: HDD

  2. Install a clean version via steam.

  3. Install the V5 (or less) mod. And use the ini. files that comes with the mod.

  4. Copy and paste the AI tweak from above, into the ini files (on your C: HDD, not the game folder) and save it with “only read acsses”.

  5. Got to the install folder of ACM and set the ACM.exe to admin. That prevented a restart of ACM, after exiting the game.


(Jup_Kozlowski) #10

Here is the V5.5 release from Nov. 17 (for testing). Use it with V5 together!


Manual install, its up to you to backup if you havent already

Changes :
Fixed Typo in config file
Adjusted Particle generation to help with crashing
AI (all types) Cover seek adjusted to allow them to move further away for cover
Xeno AI targetting further adjusted to lessen player priority
Xeno spawning throughout the entire game adjusted to generate up to double the number of xenos
Xeno’s jump flight speed increased
Xeno environment transition and traversal adjusted to try and reduce them getting stuck by forcing larger flat areas to be used
HUD Hit marker removed
Acid Particle fix to stop them getting stuck in a loop
Wave spawning mechanics adjusted for more intense numbers of xenos at one time

Also included is Reshade 3 (with install instructions) that improves the performance of Master Effects and also adds some important additional shaders
Adaptive Sharpen - Clears up the image in the distance and improves the quality of texture details immensely
Ambient Light - improves overall scene lighting and mood
SMAA - Significantly better technique in Reshade 3
HDR - Dynamically adjusts the image to ensure darkness looks dark while keeping brightness looking bright. Awesome for this

F7 ingame to disble/enable
SHIFT-F2 to open reshade (if you wish to turn off Master Effects for lower spec machines or just look at performance data)

(raps0die) #11

hello, (sorry for my bad English)

It is possible to reactivate this :

the shadows like on this video : https://youtu.be/2h3tPMT-in8?t=192

Textures resembling directx10 ( more relief and less “flat” ) : https://youtu.be/1ntpKCd4Oaw?t=119

(Jup_Kozlowski) #12

Reactivate?!?..all off this isn´t in the engine. :slight_smile:

The shadows are allready fixed by gbx updates (PC only). Version 1.0 got no (absoloutly no) dynamic lights or shadows. And they fiixed the shadow and texture resolution from HD to FHD.

Dx10 is not possible. It is a DX9 game (engine) and can´t be tweaked or moded to DX10 or above. All this DX 10 or 11 tweaks are BS and placebo.

Maybe one day, we can port this game into the UE4. This could be a way for better visuals. But this a hell of work without proper tools.

(raps0die) #13

Thanks for the answer, sorry I’m not an expert!

look at this, it’s beautiful Hadley’s Hope in UE4 :

(Jup_Kozlowski) #14

This is a quite nice UT map.

The whole problem is. The Unreal Engine 4 is different to the the Unreal Engine 3.

To convert the game into the UE4, you have to extract every raw data. After this you put this raw data into the UE4 editor (and pray that it ´s working).

That means. You have to rebuild the whole game and you need to recalibrate the UE3 parameters into UE4 parameters, what makes it really time - consuming. And you need the copyrights…

(raps0die) #15

it’s very complicated :frowning: gearbox remastered pleas !