TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul - State of the BAD ASS Art!

(templargfx) #101

Nope there is an option inside the settings to add Nvidia Ambient Occlusion to games. you probably added ACM years ago to make it look better

(Jup_Kozlowski) #102

DOHHHH!!! I´m so stupid!!!

In german, AO is called “Umgebungsverdeckung”…^^


(Jup_Kozlowski) #103

Installer for V4 dosen´t work for me and my buddies. It say there is no ACM.exe, when you choose the directory. My boodies got the same issue. V3 runs without trouble.

All Windows 10 x64

(AthlonDude) #104

Ok Version 4 is much more bughunt friendly. The aliens are still fast, but not on crack at the speed of light fast, more like 10 cups of coffee, half a dozen donuts, cant sleep for ■■■■ fast. The speed of the aliens still makes the animations look a tad goofy so if you dial it down a couple of KPH you will be golden. Also I noticed my default PR wasnt hudsons PR, it was the base PR with 45 rounds was that planned? BTW I love how when you move left and right the PR sort of follows in that direction before centering itself, very nice touch love it. I havent noticed any frame drops so thats good. I also love the Acid Splash damage, very nicely done, definitely adds something more. I’m gonna hit the Singleplay and see how that fairs.

(templargfx) #105

Can you post your install log? That is one error no one has reported yet

(templargfx) #106

Yes this is planned. the Classic was too overpowered in MP. and seen as you have 2 PR’s in the game, the MK2 has returned with more balanced stats and Hudson’s PR is now the fully functional classic PR

Sure I mighta broke the MK2 a little putting it back :stuck_out_tongue:

(AthlonDude) #107

MK2 is broke?

(templargfx) #108

apparently reload sound is off and rapid fire shootign sound is missing

it was late :stuck_out_tongue:

(templargfx) #109

If you want to return to V3’s weapon config for now. just copy the PecanGame.upk from v3 into your install. The guns are the only change in this file for V4


That looks freakin awesome! So much more creepy without the xray!

(AthlonDude) #110

wow, I never noticed.

(templargfx) #111

I laughed so hard watching these guys play. They crap themselves

(ven0me) #112

Hi templargfx
I found 2 bugs:
-Mk1 Reload Bug
-Mk1 no Firing sound when I install the magazien Enhancements .


(AthlonDude) #113

That was hillarious! The whole Facehugger it was so freaking funny!!!

(Jup_Kozlowski) #114

For a quick fix,

copy and paste the PecanGame.upk from V3 into:

HDD:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\CookedPCConsole

This will give you the weapon setting from V3. Everything els is V4.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #115

It´s working. We set it to “open as admin”. …Microsoft…nevermind. ^^

And THX for the AO hint. Actualy, I set it years ago in Nvidia Inspector, befor the SSAO patch. I totaly forgot about it. The german Nvidia menu is a bit, “stupid”. Every feature (or most of it) are spoken in english, expect AO. Ilaughed so hard about it.

(Phage) #116

v4 is very nice. The gfx look noticably better, and im playing without the post processing - great job.

A couple of bugs:

  1. The pulse rifle reload animation is screwed up.
  2. The aliens sometimes crouch a couple of meters in front of me, and stay still.
  3. The NPC friendlies sometimes stop dead too, no firing when xenos are present.
  4. The hope in hadleys mission has some glitches - the ‘setup a perimiter’ checkpoint, in the garage with the sentry gun, doesn’t progress if you die once and respawn.

I patched the game from v3 to v4 in the middle of my current mission, I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it…

I’m curious; what are the chances of a sound modification? I mean, is it possible to replace the voice acting for example?

Keep up the good work.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #117

I got this bug too since V4.

  • To fix the PR bug copy and paste the PecanGame.upk from V3 into:

HDD:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\CookedPCConsole

  • The other bugs, freezing and stupid NPC´s are mayor “engine” bugs. the skript´s didn´t load right in this situations. Or “something” get stocked. I don´t think it got something to do with the TemplarGFX Mod.

(Phage) #118

Thanks for the guidance @Cilitbeng

(btw, check your pm about the space jockey 3D print).

(Phage) #119

Last friday night I hooked up with my friend Shishy online and we played a few rounds of bug hunt with the 4.5 mini update. In my installation, the aliens were set to max speed, and we honestly couldn’t make it past the 5th wave, even on soldier difficulty*. After a couple hours’ worth of failed attempts, we called it a night, but agreed to try again with slower aliens.

The next night I reinstalled the mod with slower (not slower + tougher) aliens, and we started again, first in Broadside, then in Mercenary.

Overall the game was more enjoyable when we could take aim and shoot at things. We played until I think the 10th wave on Broadside, before bad money management got the better of us.

We moved onto Mercenary. This wasn’t Shishy’s favourite map, but I convinced him it got better as the waves progressed. We were still on soldier difficulty, but it took us a few attempts to get past the big barricade that opens the whole map up.

Then it got interesting. The improvement by the mod to the xeno movement, and the Merc AI just made the whole thing more entertaining. We camped for most of the game in the room to the left of the barricade, but had many close calls until the end, not least of all when we attempted to get the suppressors. There were bodies everywhere, which also added to the atmosphere (I’ll get pics during the next run - we hit the wrong bind this time), and despite the framerate hit on my card, I played with post-processing turned on, but in 720p instead of full HD. I’ve completed this map before, on Ultimate Badass, but this was more enjoyable.

We had a lot of fun, and are planning on a second attempt with an extra team member. The new guy is an A:CM newbie, but i think we’ll give hardcore difficulty a try. I think the mod has given him renewed interest in the game. I know so many others like him who changed their minds about A:CM and didn’t buy the game because of the bad reviews. I think at least some of those people are buying in, or watching the news, waiting for the mod to be more tuned.

Something I noticed during the run through is that the lurkers get you with their ‘finishers’ more, even if you don’t die as a result (instead, you get floored). Is that a bug or was it always like that?

  • With only two of us, it may be no exaggeration to say its impossible to complete bug hunt with the mod on faster aliens.

(AthlonDude) #120

So Templar, I had some friends that were under the impression that Version 4 of your mod came out last month but I played it when it came out in april so is there another version of the mod that has been released and if so where?