Temple cheapness

Really tired of players running back to their starting point when low on health in the Temple capture map. Was this missed in development? This also happens in the Outback map as well. I also believe these are one sided, the other team doesn’t have the capability to do this even if they wanted to run (I am not certain however, as my only experience is leaving the start point, not trying to re-enter).

I completely agree. I am tired of this happening, i hope they do something about it.

I don’t understand exactly, since you can teleport back to base. Is that what you’re referring to? If so that is a basic function of a MOBA and will likely never change.


If you are playing on console you can hit down on the d-pad to teleport back to base. Everyone can do it regardless of side, so totally fair. Not sure the key on pc but still can be done.

Was not aware you could do that, but it still is pretty cheap.

And I don’t get the “standard MOBA function” as it doesn’t indicate any rational reason other than “others are doing it”, which is not an argument.

But going back to base forces you to leave the fight, which means the person who doesn’t need to go running already won, kill or no kill.
Without a healer this is the only way for people to get back to full health, too. No one wants to stand next to a supply station for 5 minutes to get their health back.

I can see that being a strategy in this game, and understand it now. However, I don’t agree with it in Capture maps because the game modes are so short. The 20 second respawn timers and the ability to run and hide to get health back does not feel fit for such a short game mode. This is where some elements of the game feel forced, conflicting, and unnecessary.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that part to sound condescending but it does after I re-read it. What I meant is in games like League of Legends (everyone says LoL but that annoys me) that are the standard MOBA games they have this same function where you can teleport home for full health. The idea is to use this rather than actually die since it progressively punishes you worse and worse for dying (feeds the enemy XP, longer respawn timer, etc.).

The supply stations and other healing methods are meant more for last resort attempts to hold the line, in case your team mates have died or something like that. It’s why Miko seems OP to a lot of people, because it spares you ever having to teleport back to base.