Temple of Boom: Tannis or Gladstone?

I’ve come to the end of The Temple of Boom in Claptastic Voyage and I’m offered the choice of giving the maguffin to Tannis or Gladstone. I’ve found that Tannis gives the Laser of Enlightenment, but haven’t found out what Gladstone’s reward is. Any help out there?

I went with the laser of enlightenment (not very good IMO) but the internet tells me the other option is called “shield of ages” which appears to just have a really high capacity and reduce your health. I haven’t seen any more info on it.

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The “Shield of Ages” is the reward from Gladstone. It’s a fixed parts Hyperion Turtle Shield. Specifically super useful on Jack, as it’s a hyperion shield. But it provides around ~200,000 shield for reducing ~20, 000 health at level 70 with no other notable effects that I know of.

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That is the red text effect actually. It gives the highest known shield capacity. Strange that it is manufactured by Hyperion but thats a unique for ya.

Tannis’ Enlightment is a wannabe Hellfire with a short range. Shame that I picked that one.

Yeah the Shield of Ages is great for Jack, especially if you use “company man” for the boosts and “winning” for better Shield Regen (The Shield has a long recharge delay on average, something like 7 seconds).

the shield of ages is better

Haven’t tried the shield but I don’t know what you guys are talking about. The laser is awesome for Claptrap and Athena. It’s already got a very high elemental proc chance (think it’s 55%). Now add in Maniacal Laughter or Storm Weaving. 100% chance to proc.

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Hellfire can pull the same thing. Which makes me want to farm a Hellfire which I still haven’t done.

Go for the shield, OP. While you might not need it at first glance, it cna come in handy.

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Fire isn’t good in tps, there’s like half the game where that burn chance matters, and over half of those enemies resist fire with their shields and armor.

For real bro, the only time I use fire is with my battery Athena… and she uses it because the enemy is shock resistant.

I don agree fire is good in this game especially with athena. And to the original question. I went with the laser. And its incredible with my athena. So if u like an up close and personal powerful fire laser. Pick tannis.

Thanks for the replies, people!

both are worthy rewards. the laser burns through flesh enemies, just melts them. The shield is the highest capacity in the game, i believe. tough choice, but you should get use out of either one.

Maybe. But because the Enlightment has a much higher base chance, if you stack all your improvement methods (storm weaving, oxidizer, moxxtail) you could have it proc more than once with a single pull of the trigger.

Right, ignoring the fact that everyone before this DLC was complaining how corrosive was useless because there weren’t enough armored enemies. Also, it should have already been understood that a fire weapon is for fleshy enemies, not all of whom have shields, and even then you have 3 other weapons, a buttslam, and a grenade available. Surely one of those would be used in tandem to destroy fleshy enemies with a shield.

Fire is perfectly fine in CV. It wrecks some mobs even without an atmosphere (sup Denial Subroutine).

Shield of Ages is nuts by the way. I got it at lv62 on Wilhelm and used it all the way to 70. Nothing else even came close in terms of survivability.

Well. My jack likes nova shields to give to his constantly exploding minions.

The Laser is a spadroon that relies on DOT. I suppose some people could like it, but i am not one of them.

Nisha makes great use of Turtle Sheilds, since any attack will give you around 25 order stacks .

Jack loves a shield that is Hyperion and is usefull, since Amp shields kinda suck, and the Bulwark is too laser oriented for a shotgun build.

Athena could make good use of the Laser, but there are better ways to build stacks. I suppose shield for her too.

Haven’t tried it on a Wilhelm, but i can allready imagine the invincibility, because i have a great simulation of it with an underleveled adaptive shields.

Aurelia and Claptrap have better synergy with Purple Tediores, and neither of them are too good with fire. I suppose Claptrap could still use the Ages to be indestructable, of course.

Shield of Ages is your best bet on most characters. Screw Tannis.

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It’s basically the spadroon in fire. Great for bloodrushing and clappy, in my opinion

Cowthulhu46, you’re right about the Shield of Ages with Wilhelm. I had only one FFYL in my battle against EOS, until the damn game glitched out. It got stuck after the beginning of the third level of fight, where the holos nag you. EOS never reappeared, though it’s health bar was there. Not happy at all. Will try again after work tonight.