Temporal anti aliasing - texture glitches on my guns

as can be seen in the video, i get texture glitches on my guns with temporal anti aliasing on, and it’s bugging me. fxaa doesn’t do that, but the edges get jagged.

is there a way to fix this glitches? i’m using a rtx 2070.

I saw it happened when set the resolution scale below 100, is it the case for you too?

unfortunatly no, resolution scale is at 100%.

my settings are:
Display Mode: Full Screen
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1920x1080
Vertical Sync: On
Resolution Scale: 100%
Limit Frame Rate: Unlimited
HUD Size: 1
Field of View: 90
Vehicle Field of View: 90

DirectX 11
Anti Aliasing: Temporal
FidelityFX Sharpening: On
Camera Motion Blur: Off
Object Motion Blur: Off
Graphics Quality: Badass -> so everything else on “ultra”

thanks for replying though :bowing_man:
any other guesses? :pray:

Does it happen with all weapons or only this particular weapon? In that case I am not sure whats causing this, maybe updating GPU driver might help or playing in DX12?

it’s happening with all weapons, though on some it’s not as visible as on others.

my drivers are up to date, and switching to dx12 makes no difference. like I said in the openig post, the texture glitches are gone when I change anti aliasing from temporal to fxaa or none, but then all the edges are jagged, which looks bad as well.

but anyway, I appreciate your efforts!

maybe a setting in nvidia control panel is causing it, although I didn’t fiddle with them… I’ll have to look into that.

minor addition: the glitch only occurs when standing still.