Temporarily Remove Anointed Militants Until You Make Them An Engaging Fight

Honestly, what is the point to this enemy? You can’t fire at them most of the time because they either have a shield up or are just simply immune to damage. They’re super easy, yet take an eternity to kill. You have a VERY small window to do any damage.
Edit: Think I confused Zealots with Militants initially. The slow moving homing nova is also a pretty annoying move though. It’s easy to avoid, but pushes you out of fighting them altogether a lot of the time. Militants don’t use that move though.
I don’t have a problem with most anointed enemies, but this one isn’t the slightest bit engaging of a fight, especially since there is absolutely no way to destroy their shield or to trigger them to be vulnerable to any damage when they light the ground on fire. Which begs the question, what is the point of those moves? To cause you to become triggered enough to accidentally kill yourself out of frustration?
Who actually thought this would be a fun enemy to fight against? Is there anyone who actually likes this fight?
You might as well replace them with a wall that forces you to wait 10 minutes before you progress. At least then I could alt tab out and do something else with my time while I wait.


I hate the slow moving balls of instant-death. Sure they sound easy enough to avoid. But around buildings and structures, you can get backed into a corner with no escape. And it’s not as if you have that much warning with all of the other purple lights flying about. Not to mention that it goes through walls, so in places like Lectra City, I can die without even knowing I’m in a fight.

The anointed tinks (annoying tinks) are pretty engaging. Sure, they have that blast that either kills my pet or drops me into FFYL. But they more fun to fight than the immune guys and instant-death laser guy.

Or the Bad Assess with the full auto, 14x zoom, super sonic rockets. If I get pinned down by two of them, I just port out. It’s too much of a hassle to kill them when I’m solo. In pairs, there’s never an opening for me to attack.

Yeah, I can get behind this. Zane has enough trouble fighting regular enemies without the big purple superman holding a shield in front of the other enemies while I’m in FFYL


Anointed enemies are the biggest blind spot to community feedback that gearbox has. I have never seen a single person praise their design. Mayhem mode is quite controversial. While many people seem to dislike where it currently is, many others enjoy it.

There is not a single person who goes “holy crap, you remember when we were playing really fast-paced Borderlands in the anvil and then three anointed militants stopped our progress for 30 minutes because we didn’t have an Amara in our group? Oh my god how cool was that?!”


Anointed Militant should be forbiden to use their shield while in FFYL.

Not being able to get a second wind because 2 or 3 of them suddendly jump on top of you with their shield, blocking you from trying to get a second wind from the lowliest trash mob with 1hp left is really the worst thing in the game.

Just before anointed militant bugging and going into a 5m long immune phase with AoE that can hurt you for 1/3 of your health/second.

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I’ve given a link of an idea for a gun of mine that’ll put all your fears of the anointed militants to rest (it’ll be called the pulse repeater)

Temporarily Remove Anointed Militants Until You Make Them An Engaging Fight

Fixed your title. See ? Simpler, and nobody complains.

[Edit] For those of you struggling with militants, did you know each vault hunter has a way to bypass those annoying pests in their kit ?

  • Amara can phasegrasp them
  • Moze’ s railgun can bypass their shield
  • Zane’s deterrence field barrier stops their shield move

The game is way too easy. There’s no point in further simplifying it. All they had to do to fix it was to remove anointments. But they’re not gonna do it. Maybe they will as part of the directors cut dlc, but then again it feels like a ripoff to charge for what the game should have been from the start.

Wow. An enemy that’s slightly difficult and requires an extra second to kill, GBX please remove.

Apologies for sounding like a d*ck, but man BL3 is an absolute joke when it comes to difficulty. 90% of bosses can be 1-shotted, multiple afk builds, mobs that can be wiped out in a second by activating an action skill, etc etx etc etc. How people are actually complaining about a somewhatISH difficult enemy type is truly baffling

You guys do realize this thread is 11 months old now, right? This was back when anoints were weaker, you didn’t have ASE elements on shield and nade, and you had far less skill points to work with, no mayhem scaling weapons or action skills, AND you could have M3 modifiers that gave enemies bonus projectiles. Also, anointed militants were nerfed after this point.

Hate to sound like a jerk, but any response to this thread at this point is completely pointless. The context we’re in now is totally different, and honestly @Gulfwulf this should probably be locked at this point just for the year long necro.


I’d love to, but I’m not a mod. :dukesad:

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Sorry, I could’ve swore you had purple on you at some point.

@vaulthunter101 Think we can lay this thread to rest?


Agreed - resurrecting an 11-month old thread simply isn’t relevant at this point.