Tenacious Defenase has a technical flaw, submitted a ticket, here's what I got in reply

There is a technical flaw in TD (small or big idk) and I submitted a ticket for it, also provided some videos and now its added to the list of pending fixes by devs. So what is the issue with TD?

I am not talking about if TD should be a shield gate or not. Here’s the jest of what I wrote in the ticket.

The problem with Tenacious Defense (TD) is, the damage that breaks shield, also damages the health bar, before TD kicks in. So what happens is, Moze receives a damage that breaks her shield, the excess damage reduces her health bar, and then TD kicks in restoring her shield. Ideally, TD should kick in as soon as shield breaks, and then excess damage is also taken from shield.

Here is a simple mathematical explanation of what is going on.

Below is given current stats,

Max Shield = 100
Current shield = 30
Current Health = 100
Damage Received = 50

What happens in current TD implementation:

Step 0: Receive a damage of 50
Step 1: Current shield = 30 - 50 = 0 , Excess Damage = 20
Step 2: Current Health = 100 - 20 = 80
Step 3: TD Kicks in,
Step 4: Current Shield = 40, because max health is 100

Final result with current implementation
Current shield = 40
Current Health = 80

What should happen Ideally:

Step 0: Receive a damage of 50
Step 1: Current shield = 30 - 50 = 0 , Excess damage = 20
Step 2: TD Kicks in,
Step 3: Current Shield = 40, because max shield is 100
Step 4: Current Shield = 40 - 20 = 20, Excess damage = 0

Final result after fixing TD,
Current shield = 20
Current Health = 100

So, it would be correct if excess damage is taken from the shield after TD restores the shield

Here is the last reply I got from the support.

As always, just letting you know that the development team went through the bug and they decided to add it to a list of pending fixes! Thanks for being an awesome part of this community.

And as a bonus I also submitted a ticket for a bug, which happens when you are inside IB you can’t melee the anointed enemies that become crystallized. The melee animation is played but it never breaks those, Its also added to pending fix list.

If you want to report a bug or give feedback, you can do it here, just remember for bugs/issues you might need to provide video https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000889214


Edit: Here is a couple of videos I added with the ticket
Video 1
Video 2


Sweet, thanks! That’ll be fantastic when they get that going. I am (pleasantly) surprised that they’re giving Iron Bear a melee for the Eridian husks.

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With this fix, deathless build of Moze should be much stronger and viable.


Thank you for the ticket.
Between this thread and the RO one, one thing that I learned is that we should stop assuming that wonky skills are working as designed, but just report everything as bugged :man_facepalming:


I am actually surprised that submitting ticket for bugs or feedback is not a known thing in the community. Because in every hotfix/patches announcement post, its mentioned to open ticket for any issues or feedback. Also the support seems very friendly and open to feedback.

You’ve been pretty lucky getting actual responses this consistently. Most of the time when I (and most of the other players I speak with) submit bug reports, we get bot responses.


Submitting tickets are like playing shoots and ladders. They get the ticket and take it up the ladder. They then send it down the slide with all the others.

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It is known…but that^…

I have to wonder how that would work with the attacks that always one shot you down to health gate, no matter how big they are.

If the excess damage (of initial damage) is more than 40% of max shield then it will affect the health bar anyway unless they implement some sort of shield gating with TD , I have no idea if they are gonna do that.

I have a handful of tickets in - never got a bot, but the couple of heads I got for front-line support while super helpful are pretty typical for this role: they can’t fix things themselves (not developers), and are tasked with weeding out the lame tickets (ones that can legit be fixed by a reboot, file validation, that sort of low-hanging fruit). They also need to make sure the issue is legit and actionable, like “this one feature does not appear to be working as intended, and here is video proof” as opposed to “x sucks, pls fix”. Once you have a strong case, all they do is put it in the developers’ queue, which (presumably) the developers prioritize on their own. It is also no guarantee that it will be changed, like if something is working as they intend and your case is that it should work differently, there’s nothing to fix.

Tickets are the legit way to get something in front of the developers if you can present a good case.