Tenacious Defense work in FFYL?

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I didn’t see anything to answer it.
As it stands, half of this skill is wasted on a 1-health set-up. But 30% gun damage in FFYL would be more than worth the one skill point anyways, has anyone tested it?

yes i have tested it, plan on making a video with my build for moze but sadly the 1 hp setup for tenacious defense does not work because the dmg requires the perk to proc. and when it does proc you get the shield back but still go down because the left over dmg still hits your hp so you still go down sadly…

after you are downed bonus is no longer there

Well that’s disappointing, time to respec.
Thanks for answering anyways

Think this will get fixed or you think it’s an intended mechanic?
Other on shield break effects also function this way and don’t work for one health moze☹️

This is likely an intended mechanic, because otherwise at 30 seconds CD it would be way too strong for 1HP builds. The other comparable skill is Amara’s Guardian Angel and that one is at 120 seconds CD and no buffs whatsoever.

It may be intended, but it’s still annoying that the capstone of a tree that promotes having the lowest health possible doesn’t work with it. I’d be up for a change to a longer cooldown on it as long as it meant making it work with the 1 health build.