Tentactle-Slap Button on PC

Title says it , quickmelee button

Is this a question?

I think he wants one. Although I can’t imagine if there was no quick melee button for pc this is the first we’d be hearing about it.

Or are you asking where it is?

There definitely is one, but I’m wondering he thinks other people don’t know, or if he doesn’t?

I feel like we’re two tourists in Europe staring at the human statue trying to make sense of it.

@lucafreudenreich We need more info to help you bro.

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Oh btw welcome to the forums! :grinning:

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I think it’s a question:

What button you should press to do quick meele on PC? :slight_smile:

I use a gaming mouse, the side thumb btn is for primary melee.
My gaming keyboard has a key next to the control keys I can use with my left pinky for the other melee.
This works great for Shane, Mellka, Ambra, etc.

It’s middle mouse button (wheel press).