Terminal Polyamourous is such a great mobbing weapon

Wow, for flesh enemies it’s really amazing. The key is use it on groups for the chain effect and watch everything melt!! Such nice gun, it’s like a marriage of the Firesale and Brainstormer.

I prefer an alien barrel Vladof AR. The Polyaimourous feels like it has shorter range.

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So, for Cistern of slaughter I run Polyamourous in 1 and fire Lasersploder in 2 for single mobs.

I need one with sntnl cryo annoint. The idea of shooting chains of fire and cryo, plus shock from my electric banjo, sounds like a good way to cause some hectic elemental damage to groups

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just use brainstormer , even shorter work

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Sure and use all my shotgun ammo and then be out when my recursion needs to have a say… You should spend a little more time with the poly…

I think it’s a weapon more or less designed for Amara. I have one with 50% ASE anointment and with Ties that bind it feels really good. Didn’t like it with the other characters.


I have one with “ASE 75% Radiation damage” for the Siren, its a lot of fun in my Phasecast build!


I am also using it on Amara, that does make it even nicer. So far I mainly use the fire element, I keep forgetting I can switch to electric… lol

On M4? It does way too little damage even against flesh. Maybe in M3 or below it would be great ?

Against single targets that is true, but if you chain 2 or more mobs to your target the damage goes way up…

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I agree with the shorter range, but I do appreciate how it will chain to enemies hiding behind something, revealing a target I might not have seen right away.

I was thinking about the effectiveness of the TP while I was running the Cistern and it’s actually kind of hard to get enough enemies together to really exploit the chaining effect, but still running Amara phasezerker, with ASE elements on the TP, shield, and grenade mod, when you do get more than 2 other mobs chained they all die very quickly. It’s probably a lot less effective on the other classes .

My Zane and one of my FL4Ks make good use of it.
My other FL4K it just didn’t work well for some reason (need to go look to see which FL4K, Crit or Rakk).
It’s actually funny on Zane Freezing and Burning someone at the same time.

But yeah, Amara just rocks it.