Terra....Crazy Stuff

I soloed Terra with no Sandhawk or Bee, Legendary Sniper com…and died many times until I broke the code…


The damn thing makes you virtually unkillable…and using “the rock” optional.

But anyway…SEVERAL times during fights I would get Terra down to less than half health and suddenly he was back to full health.

HUH! Pardon me but WTF!

He has never done that to me that I can remember.

Is this a known bug that I have just not experienced?? His patterns can get all mixed up and weird sometimes…but back to full health in a blink of an eye. One time I had him down to a sliver…was about to win and BINGO…back to full health.

I restarted the game and that appeared to fix it.

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Was it after the initial encounter, like did you die then re-enter the arena then it happened? I haven’t seen that personally, but after the initial fight his attack patterns tend to randomise, if you don’t beat him the first time in he becomes very difficult as he’s totally unpredictable after that.

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Yes…died many times initially testing out what would work for me.

And I have seen the patterns get weird…just as you describe.

But I have NEVER seen him jump back to full health right in the middle of a fight…


and I’ve been playing a long time.


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That happens if him or one of his tentacles thow you too far high in the air: his health bar resets to full.


HA…that is EXACTLY what happened now that I think about it.

The game must think the player left the arena…

Thanks for clearing that up!

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