Terrain and map setup

on alot of the maps where it looks like you can freely traverse I have noticed especially with larger and slower characters that… well… you bump into the terrain either with your head or feet and it is very difficult to get around sometimes in what otherwise appears to be a totally passable path.

Lets say you are on coldsnap… this one infuriated me when i first started… and still does… there are several places that look like you can hop right over, attempt it and you just barely are unable to… so you jump up and down in place looking like a fool.

Also the very first entrance to the map with some characters I have a hard time sometimes passing that… the characters heads will bang into the freaking map entrance from the respawn areas… not to mention the tunnels or caves on the map… this is just one map example.

Lets not forget something terrible in incursion… stairs and the way the sentry and lane are positioned by corners/stairs/spots where you can barely attack someone but they have a clear shot.
these spots are just being over used to peek over barely by snipers and characters with long range skills… its annoying… and downright goofy… and it seems to detract from the gameplay.